Learn How to Remove Malware installed by Facebook spam from your computer.

Facebook now seems to be Spambook, with new spam making its way on Facebook every day, Number of Victim’s are increasing. Most of the victims not only Share these spam on their wall, share it with others, tag their friends but also get their computer infected by harmful malwares. Most of the time these Malwares effect their system slowly and at last may cause their system to crash.

Their are many new Facebook spams, i Myself have been tagged in these spam many times by my friends who have been effected. these spams most commonly uses Most effective keywords, that are most searched on internet in form of video’s title. and attracts the victim. for e.g recently just 14 year old drunk girl did this in front of all public. [VIDEO] RIHANNA SEX TAPE, Got My New iPad hd!

The best way to be safe is not to click on These Spams, Most of the time any porn content, or claim for any prize. are most common spams.

What these Spams do?

In most of the cases these spams get access token from your account and use it to post, share, create groups, message from your profile. yes they use victim to promote the spam. some times Facebook Accounts have been also hacked by phishing attack used by these spam.

In addition to all these sometimes your computer gets effected by harmful malware and virus used by these spam.

Most of the time, your Antivirus will alert you of viruses, but if you are not being alerted then i will suggest you to check your browsers addons and see if any new plugin have been installed, if yes remove it. these addons are used to display advertisement on every website you open from your browser. 

And at last use the free version of this tool to get rid of the malware installed in your system, download here

If you still have any question, let us know in comments below 🙂

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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