AnonGhost Announces #OpIsraelReb0rn, Another cyber Attack over Israel on 11 September 2013.

AnonGhost have Announced Another Cyber operation #OpIsraelReb0rn, over Israel (11 September 2013)

The Announcement was made on their official Facebook page, We contacted  Mauritania Attacker Leader of Team AnonGhost to get some details About the Operation.

Mauritania Attacker said its because of the reason, the Israelians do not stop killing innocents and children in Palestine. and this time they will strike strong than they did in previous Operation over Israel, they are uniting more hackers from the world to hit Israel cyber space harder this time.

Last time Israel suffered tremendous Cyber attack by Team AnonGhost in #OpIsraelReloaded which started on June 7th of this year. Before that Israel Faced the first Phase of Attack #Opisrael, on 7th April 2013. Launched by AnonGhost and which was operated by Many Hacker groups/Team collectively, including AnonGhost, Anonymous and many others.



AnonGhost have already defaced One of the website of Israel, As the Announcement for #OpIsraelReb0rn (

The Website shows a defaced page containing message for Israel government:

|==========[  :::Message for you:::  ]==========|
Hi Israel , We are the Same People who fucked you on 07 April 2013 and now we are back to Punish you again ^_^
AnonGhost is Everywhere
There is no Israel in this map, no one recognize you because it is Palestine !/
All Israelians are just pigs !/
Muslims are everywhere  !!
Alkhilafah is Coming soon Insha'Allah

The Operation May cause huge data leak from many Government, and private sector 
organisations including emails bank accounts, Database and other Data.
Huge number of websites will be striked again and defaced.
Follow Official Facebook page of AnonGhost for more details about #OpIsraelReb0rn.
Also read An interview with Team AnonGhost
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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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