Enjoy the dual driver tech into their latest pair of headphones, the BlitzWolf BS2

Enjoy your hearing experience with BilitzWolf BS2 headphones with first ever dual driver tech

Enjoy your hearing experience with BilitzWolf BS2 headphones with first ever dual driver tech

How do you listen to your audio? Headphones have been around for ages, and although you’ve probably been through a few different styles, little has changed in the actual parts that count, the drivers.

The best standard drivers are tuned to sound great and have diaphragms engineered to widen frequency range. With all this tech you still can’t beat the physical limitations of a single driver. When a single driver is pressed to produce a full range, it will distort much easier than if it was only covering a smaller range. The wider the range, the greater the distortion.

Dual Sounds Better.

Quality home theater and car audio split the frequency into a Subwoofer, midrange, and tweeter. The same logic is packed into dual driver earbuds.

Dual Sounds Better.

When dual drivers blend, you have a full-spectrum of sound that a single driver could never replicate. Less distortion, more volume. What you listen to will sound more natural and almost realistic.

BlitzWolf packed dual driver tech into their latest pair of headphones, the BS2. These headphones deliver a mouth-watering sound experience unrivaled to the capabilities of a single driver. Released in mid-2017, they have been rated as excellent value for money and produce sound that rivals much more expensive professional audio equipment.

Unboxing the BS2 is where it all begins, the full package includes a gift box and zipper carry bag.

Dual Sounds Better.

Both straight mate black and a vibrant accented red versions of the BS2 have a semi-transparent case so you can see the drivers in action. From the box to your ears, the BS2 is a quality experience.

BlitzWolf also has an outstanding reputation for speakers, fast chargers, cables, and other phone accessories. Their previous headphones are made with the latest tech including graphene drivers.

Dual Sounds Better.

Dual drivers are not a new concept, but in the past, they were relegated to the top end. Sound engineers and musicians have been enjoying the wider sound range that dual drivers bring for years. BlitzWolf’s dual drivers offer excellent sound, and from the gift box to the sound output, the BS2  Your ears and eyes will be impressed.

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[Giveaway] Here is your best iTunes alternative to transfer iPhone files with 3 simple steps.

[Giveaway] Here is your best iTunes alternative to transfer iPhone files with 3 simple steps

We often need to transfer iPhone files to some other places such as the computer in case of data loss and send back them when required. However, import or export via iTunes is quite annoying and complicated, especially for some tech newbie with a Windows computer. Yet, iCloud always meets a limited storage space (5GB) when you backup big media files. Is there an easy and limitless way to transfer or backup iPhone media files on Windows? Certainly! In this guide, we’ll give you the best iTunes alternative to backup iPhone media files with, only 3 simple steps.

Here is Your Best iTunes Alternative to Transfer iPhone Content on Windows 10/8/7

WinX MediaTrans is just the one that manages your iPhone on Windows in your familiar way: Directly, Instantly Transfer iPhone files via USB cable; No more files erasing; without iTunes installed, backup iPhone as simple as copy-and-paste. Meanwhile, it should run steadily on Windows and transfer with good quality and fast speed. More than an iTunes alternative. Give you what iTunes lacks. It lets you to:

  • Transfer what you want from/to PC: photos, videos, music, eBooks, Voice, Podcast, etc.
  • Manage music files & playlist, e.g. create playlist, edit artists/album info, add/delete songs.
  • Back up files flexibly, e.g. move photos to PC by selection or in batch, by day, month, year.
  • Move non-iTunes media to iPhone. Auto convert video to MP4, audio to MP3.
  • Unchain DRM. Make M4V/M4P/M4A files from iTunes Store playable on any devices.
  • Utilize Hardware Acceleration tech. Selectively transfer iPhone (photos) to PC in a flash.
  • Make iPhone ringtone with music on your computer or iPhone.
  • Turn iDevice into USB to store any files, e.g. PPT, PDF, and EXCEL.

Here is also a time-limited chance for you to download a free copy of this best iTunes alternative from its official giveaway page:

How to Transfer iPhone Media Files on Windows 10/8/7 with WinX MediaTrans 

The preparations: free download this iTunes alternative for Windows, install and run it on your computer. You will find a powerful iPhone iPad transferring software with a totally clean and user-friendly UI. Here we take backing up iPhone music to Windows as an example:

Step 1: Plug in your iPhone to PC and run this iTunes alternative.

Connecting your iPhone to PC, better using an original Apple iPhone USB cable, there pops out an alert box, suggesting you to adjust iTunes settings to prevent data erasing automatically.

How to Transfer iPhone Media Files on Windows 10/8/7 with WinX MediaTrans

Step 2:  Click on “Music Manager” icon and Select the Music you want to Transfer.

Click “Music Manager” first to get a new interface with all of your iPhone music loaded on it. Just select the very music. If the music you want to transfer from iPhone to PC is purchased from iTunes, you should log in using your Apple ID first.

Step 2: Click on “Music Manager” icon and Select the Music you want to Transfer

Step 3: Click on “Export” to backup.

Just hit “Export” option icon on the top of the interface and wait until a file window pops up. Then the backup will automatically begin.

If you are interested in this iTunes alternative, just free download a free copy now. It deserves your try. Enjoy it! 😀

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Will This New Token Change the Way We Buy and Sell Investments?

Will This New Token Change the Way We Buy and Sell Investments?

Will This New Token Change the Way We Buy and Sell Investments?

Wall Street is one of the places where blockchain technology can have the biggest applications.  Blockchain simply provides trust in an environment where trust is a limiting factor – Wall Street won’t exist if there no trust among stakeholders. The very idea of investing in stocks, commodities, ETFs, mutual funds, and forex among others is built on trust between the buyers, sellers, and brokers.

However, Wall Street despite its legacy systems is still grossly inefficient in some of its industries. For instance, fiat currencies are still grossly inefficient as a means of exchange and transfer of value because their decentralized nature makes them susceptible to the manipulation of governments and fiscal authorities.

Bitcoin, one of the most popular blockchain-based applications is already changing the way people think about money because it is a decentralized form of currency.  Ethereum is another blockchain-based application that seeks to provide developers with a platform for building decentralized applications with smart contracts. Now another blockchain-based application wants to change the way people buy and sell investments through a new platform called Liquid Asset Token (LAT).

Meet the Liquid Asset Token (LAT)

Liquid Asset Token (LAT) is simply a blockchain-based platform that seeks to connect investors with asset owners in order to facilitate the purchase and sales of investments on a public blockchain. Many investors have illiquid assets such as precious metals, artworks, real estate, and patent rights – assets that are not easily divisible or sold through the current market dynamics.

The LAT marketplace allows such asset owners to get cash from the sale of part of their assets by issuing LAT (LAToken) which are bought by investors who now get fractional ownership of the said asset.  Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LAToken, former portfolio manager at Avega Capital in a press release notes that “my dream is to make NASDAQ on Blockchain with a wider range of tradable assets and a dramatic reduction of listing costs, settlement time, and transaction costs.”

3 reasons LAToken will disrupt investments

When you issue LAToken on your assets and investors buy the tokens, you get to raise cash on part of your asset without using the whole asset as a security to secure a loan; hence, you don’t have to worry about paying interests. LAT observes that “the idea is that investors can benefit from the rise in the value of your real estate or painting, or whatever other physical items you own, while you gain access to cash from stuff you already own.”

Secondly, you don’t need a third party to facilitate the sale of your assets. For instance, you’ll probably need an auction house to sell a piece of artwork and you should be ready to forego up to 20% of the sale in commission to the auctioneers. You’ll also need the help of realtors to buy/sell a piece of real estates and such brokers always charge a commission for their service.

Thirdly, you’ll still retain the asset for your use – an artwork, for instance, can still remain in your possession after selling part of it on the LAT marketplace – since the blockchain records the fact that you are no longer the sole owner of the asset. In addition, people who might not be able to afford investments in some illiquid assets can break down the entry barrier through fractional ownership. More so, liquid asset token provides through diversification for investors through fractional ownership of multiple assets.

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Will This App Give Uber Drivers the Edge They Need?

This how the new Rydar driver companion App will provide Uber Drivers the information they need

This how the new Rydar driver companion App will provide Uber Drivers the information they need

New driver companion app Rydar promises to be better than the competition and help drivers make more money in less time.

We all crave efficiency; it is the tip of the business sword. So, it might not come as a shock to business people, but everything can be optimized. From waiting tables to managing a fortune 500 company, anyone’s job can be done better, faster, and more effectively. Those who might feel it the most, are taxi drivers, whose income and results vary greatly from night to night. Well, one app aims to change all that.

Rydar is a new Uber Driver companion app available on Android and iOS. While driver companion apps are nothing new, this app claims to have more features and more automation to help drivers make the most of every work day. The app’s core features are: a surge notification, which is common in other apps as well; an event calendar, so drivers know what nights they should be driving and make more money due to higher driving traffic; pickup hotspots which will save time in finding your next rider; and a mileage tracker, which the company claims is different than all those that came before it. Mileage trackers are very common in the driver companion app space, but Ryder’s actually tracks miles automatically using Uber’s API, rather than drivers doing so manually. According to Rydar, this is a world first.

“We created RYDAR to allow rideshare drivers the luxury of a personal assistant that ultimately allows them to effectively and safely provide passengers the best service while remaining in full control,” said Co-Founder Denis Berekchiyan. “The success of shared-rides relies heavily on the well being of drivers, and the ability to manage, prioritize, and plan their trips. We’re here to benefit both drivers and passengers by ensuring the most efficient trips.” Rydar currently only works with Uber, though they plan on adding other popular services, such as Lyft to the app in coming releases.

These could all be bells and whistles that might have no effect on drivers’ income. While it sounds great, Uber is a great machine with tons of variables and it’s yet to be seen if this app is what helps Uber drivers get a better and more consistent income. Once more or even all drivers in a specific area use this app, then their competitive edge is gone, with all of them showing up to the same events and the same hotspots, competing over the same fares.

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dodocool brings you fascinating discounts for Amazon Prime Day

dodocool products available at fabulous deep discounts on Amazon Prime Day

dodocool products available at fabulous deep discounts on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is here!!! Like every year, Amazon is selling gadgets, gizmos and products at mouth watering discounts for its Amazon Prime members.  Called the Amazon Prime Day, the retail giant’s annual Black Friday-style sales jamboree, returns this evening from 6pm for a bumper 30-hour period.

This is the third installment of Amazon Prime Day, and the event has already proven that this is the best chance to get your favorite products at some really serious deep discount. Amazon gives some products so cheap that the Prime Day is perhaps the best day to buy gadgets, more even than the legendary Black Friday sales.
Joining the Amazon Prime Day sale jamboree is dodocool. The company which sells wireless headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Type-C USB hubs and other gadgets, brings its biggest promotion to you. The world famous dodocool products are available at a deep discount on Amazon Prime Day to buyers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Japan.
dodocool is featuring as many as 60 products with a superlative discount for buyers. The prime day page on is available for users to get the promotional information.  You can get additional information including specifications of all the products made available by dodocool especially for Amazon Prime Day from
For Techworm readers, here some of the products that dodocool is featuring on Amazon Prime Day sale. These products are available at fabulous discount and are also displayed on promotion page given above. You can select your own country to visit the corresponding Amazon store and get dodocool products at never before heard prices.
Here are some examples of special dodocool deals for the United States Amazon Prime Day Buyers:

1. DA108 Hi-Res 24-bit In-ear Sport Stereo Earphone

DA108 Hi-Res 24-bit In-ear Sport Stereo Earphone

dodocool Hi-Res In-ear Stereo Earphone is a unique product with Remote & Mic. It complies with the High-Resolution Audio standard to give you best sound quality. The earphones feature 9mm nano-titanium driver unit which gives users ultra-fast response and reproduces the original sound. dodocool Hi-Res In-ear Stereo comes with interchangeable earplugs and anti-drop, adjustable and secure ear hooks which give your ear a customized fit and comfort and at the same time block ambient noise while you are enjoying your favorite song.

dodocool is offering this stupendous piece of engineering at following price

? Original Price:  $24
?Deal Price: $11    56% off

2. DA84 Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie

DA84 Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie

dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie streams music from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, personal computers/laptops and other devices. The dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie gives you hi-res sound output wirelessly. The product comes with gentle touch multifunction button which is easy to use and can also be used for hands-free calling or taking a selfie.

dodocool is offering  Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie at following price
? Original Price:  $12.99
?Deal Price: $10    24% off

3. DC30 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

 DC30 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

With almost all smartphone manufacturers and laptop makers joining Apple in the Type-C bandwagon, this product is a must have for multiple device owners. This Aluminium alloy product is tough and fall resistant. It is USB Type-C to 3 Port USB 3.0 product which supports MicroSD/TF cards as well. dodocool has also added an HD output port to make this product the best in range for Type-C device owners. The 3 USB ports allow you to seamlessly transfer your photos, music, videos, and files from your Type-C product to USB drive or MicroSD card at super 5GB transfer speed. The product is backward compatible with earlier USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 protocol to help you tranfer files from your old PCs/Laptops or smartphones.

This superlative product is available to Prime Day buyers at following rates.

? Original Price:  $35.99
?Deal Price: $26.99    26% off
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Meet Scholabrate: The Social Network for Academics to Help Them Think Outside the Box


Meet Scholabrate: The Social Network for Academics to Help Them Think Outside the Box

Building your own academic brand with Scholabrate will help you network, showcase your achievements and empower your career within academia

Academia today has a problem regarding the needs of the modern-day scholar. Many academics want to network with their peers and be noticed within their community, but don’t always have the tools to do so. Academic Social Networks (ASNs), as we know them, are just libraries of published papers that focus only on encouraging researchers to upload their work, nothing more. This shifts the spotlight away from the individual, which weakens their online presence and stunts their ability to play a greater role within the academic community.

Seeing a gap in academia when it came to social networks, Dr. Aviv Pichhadze looked to create a platform that could both work within the frame of academia, while adding to its prestige, giving scholars the ability to showcase their talents. He created Scholabrate, a networking platform for academics that strives to solve the problem they are facing, a lack of personal praising and networking. This helps the scholars create their own personal online brand while establishing their credibility and recognition in academia. With its user-friendly design, colorful icons, and interactive dashboards, this platform can work to maximize the scholar’s footprint all the while advancing their careers. The platform bridges the gap between research, collaboration, and networking by giving the academic power over their own careers.

Building your own academic brand with Scholabrate will help you network, showcase your achievements and empower your career within academia

With its interactive profile page display, Scholabrate provides researchers a chance to shine by highlighting all of their achievements, including training, endorsements, mentorships and more, making insights about their academic works readily available. Scholabrate’s internal chat system ScholaTeam allows the academic the ability to network and collaborate in real time using video, file libraries, and other great features so they have time to work on more important things, like research and studies.

Networking and collaborating with your peers is key to making it in academia. Scholaborate is the future of ASNs and what we need to provide the academic community with, in order to assist them in keeping up with the rest of the social networking world. This technology, with its user-friendly and interactive platform, will help expand academics professional circles, giving them the opportunities to meet and collaborate with fellow scholars in their field they wouldn’t have had the chance to connect with otherwise.

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Here is an easy way to convert, edit or improve your videos to professional grade with this great video converter software

Convert, edit, improve even your home videos to professional ones with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 10.0.0 for your Windows 7/8.1/10 or Apple’s Mac PCs

The smartphone boom in the world has led to one unexpected gain. Almost every smartphone user out there has become a photographer and a video shooter. While it has become very easy to just point and shoot videos with a smartphone with all the image stabilization technologies that smartphone manufacturers have come up with, it is not easy to make a professional video out of the various shoots you manage on your smartphone. Ditto for DSLR, CCD Cameras or Handycams. For your home videos to look professional you need a software which lets you edit, add sound, convert and improve. This is where the all new Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate software comes into the picture.

If you know where I am coming from, you will understand the need to have your own video editing and converting software for your videos even if you are an amateur home video maker. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate stands head and shoulders above its peers. Simple UI, fast conversion time, easy edit functions and high-quality output make it the video converter software to own. Unlike its competitors who either have products which run only on Windows or Mac, Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate is available for both Windows 7/8.1 and Windows 10 users as well as Apple’s Mac OS users including the latest Mac Sierra version.

Now let’s delve a little deeper into the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

One thing every professional videographer or an amateur home video maker looks in a video editing software is its simplicity. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate scores 4.5 out 5 on that front. Easy user interface, multifunctionality and professional output are three things that Wondershare engineers have worked on with this product.

Features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

You can see from the above image that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has minimum buttons but maximum multifunctions. Let’s go into the functions one by one.

Video conversion from one format to another

One thing every videographer needs is a conversion software as all videos don’t work on all devices and some videos work only with specific devices. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate takes care of that by helping you convert almost any video format under the sun to another format. The latest version supports conversion of up to 150+ various video formats including the all new 3D and VR (virtual reality) video rendering and conversion.

You simply have to drag the video you want to convert and you can bet your last penny, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will help you convert it into the most popular or most obscure format you want.

Here is an easy way to convert, edit or improve your videos to professional grade with this great video converter software

Wondershare Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate lets you get perfect quality in Ultra HD, 3D or VR without missing key frames, redraw issues, or wrecks.  As explained above, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is perhaps the first video conversion tool in the market which supports 4K and Virtual Reality (VR) videos for both Windows and Mac PCs.

Convert your professional or home videos for viewing on almost any device.

All Windows user’s know that Microsoft has some kind of enmity with MKV format videos. Ever since its Windows Media Player launch with Windows 1998, Microsoft has consciously avoided allowing Windows users to play MKV format videos up to the recently released Windows 10. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate lets you convert MKV videos to AVI or MPEG2 format which is easily viewable in the native Windows Media Player. Ditto for other devices like LG, Samsung, and other Smart TVs.

By default, LG, Samsung and a vast array of smart TVs don’t support playing MKV files because of the fact that MKV format is a container with different video and audio codecs. This can be deeply frustrating to the user who has bought these expensive smart TVs only to find that they don’t support the world’s current most popular format. To solve it, you’d better find a third-party tool to read the audio codec by converting MKV to other formats, which are compatible with your smart TV, or streaming MKV files to Smart TV directly using DLNA. Wondershare Video Converter lets you do this with ease using a function called Wondershare Media Server. Clicking on the Media tab will open a new window for the utility.

Clicking on Media Server will automatically scan for all available video files on your Windows or OS X (lates Sierra version included) PCs and Laptops. You can then stream these videos directly to any smart TV that supports UPnP or DLNA protocol. Ising the same method you can also stream your videos using Chromecast, Xbox 360, PS3, etc. as long as your PC/laptop, smartphone, Smart TV is on the same Wi-Fi network.

Fast conversion mode in Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software is powered by the industry-leading APEXTRANS™ technology, that automatically makes it possible to convert videos up to 30 times faster than any other converters out there. It does so with a flick of a button and without any loss of quality.

Burning your videos on different devices

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allows you to burn your favorite videos as DVDs or ISOs which can be saved on your Pendrive or MicroSD cards.

Using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to download or record online videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video website.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also allows you to do a function which other video conversion tools rarely allow. With a single click, users can download or record their favorite videos from video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion and enjoy them offline. You can also convert these online videos into the video format that you wish.

Here is an easy way to convert, edit or improve your videos to professional grade with this great video converter software

Recording your Laptop or PC screen using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate you need not buy or download any screen video recording software. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate comes with an internal video recorder that lets Windows or Mac user record his/her screen. This feature can be used to record online streaming videos from Netflix, Hulu and etc. You can also use this feature to record Skype video calls.

Editing videos using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate comes with a normal video editing function which lets you chop, trim, join, rotate and adjust aspect ratio. Though not powerful as those professional tools available in the market,  Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate does a fairly good job for you.


The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 10 is worth a look at if you are a professional videographer or an amateur one. The tool fully supports GPU acceleration including NVIDIA CUDA and AMD and allows you to take advantage of multi-cores to get high-speed conversion though this feature is available only for certain video formats like AVI or MPEG2.

All in all, if you’re looking for a one-stop-solution to all your video converting needs, Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate is the answer. You can buy the software from the seller’s website or try the free version before deciding to buy it.

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Chargeberry. The best battery saving app ever.

Chargeberry - The best battery saving app ever

Chargeberry – The best battery saving app ever

Mac laptops have become extremely popular among people who are doing business or working in media. A lot of large companies move to using Macs in their offices. Many travelers just can’t imagine a trip without a Macbook. Well, it’s understandable, Apple laptop serves as an irreplaceable thing in modern dynamic life. A range of processes which can be done on these gadgets is quite wide. Macbook has become highly usable thing assisting us to store photos, books, movies as well as making music, videos, operate office processes and so on. However, this malfunction requires powerful energy provided mostly with a battery. According to this, battery capacity has become one of the most important characteristics of the laptop. That’s why software developers working hard on creating useful apps which would help to monitor state and term of the battery. Having investigated available apps we would like to present one of the best battery saving assistant to help you avoid confusing while your choice. So, it’s a new app with a cute name of Chargeberry.

Chargeberry - The best battery saving app ever

Having been released recently, Chargeberry has already gained a plenty of positive comments and feedbacks on AppStore throughout the world. So, let’s figure out what caused that?

The first thing people like about Chargeberry is that it has got is free of charge use. The app is completely free and easy to install, so you can easily and quickly get it anytime. Great and stylish design with user-friendly interface make Chargeberry perfectly fits any Macbook (you can see this on your own experience). Chargeberry. The best battery saving app ever

After installation Chargeberry is placed at the top panel on your Macbook with a nice green berry icon showing the percentage of battery life remainder. When you click the icon you will see the full layout of the app with helpful detailed information concerning your Mac battery. Now it’s time to explore the functionality of the program.

Along with a real-time percent of current charge, the app shows a health rate of a battery. Then you can monitor advanced Battery Info including Time Remaining. Regarding to what type of a work you are doing, the time varies, so simple Internet Browsing will save a battery three times more compared with watching movies.

Chargeberry - The best battery saving app ever

The next information section shows the Health Details that embraces Capacity, Factory capacity, Cycles Used, Temperature, Manufacture Date, and Age. All these characteristics are extremely useful for a diagnostic of a battery, especially when it has some problems. This information may save you time and money when you don’t need to take a laptop to the Apple Store monitoring it yourself instead.

Interestingly, the lower section of the information represents a graph of Current Energy Consumption. In addition, you’ve got some tips showing how to maximize battery life.

Chargeberry - The best battery saving app ever

This is an awesome feature helping to optimize and maintain laptop battery. For example, Chargeberry may advise you to switch off Spotlight Indexing as you don’t use it right now. Another tip can tell how to use Activity Monitor to increase battery lifespan. You can also know which browsers consume less/more energy. Taking into account this information will definitely prolong the good health of your laptop battery.

More advantages of Chargeberry include system preferences setup. For your convenience, the app can show you charge level notifications. Customize the app setting up the charge percentage at which you will be notified. There is also an option where you can ask to notify you to plug the charger in at 40% (for instance).

Definitely, pros of Chargeberry are undoubtedly following:
  1. A comprehensive tool for monitoring and maintaining Macbook battery.
  2. Useful tips for increasing battery lifespan.
  3. A monitor of energy consumption.
  4. Free of charge app.
  5. Stylish design.
As for cons, we discovered:
  1. No option about a continuous charge and calibration warning.
  2. No voice notifications.

Summing up the line, if you want to save the good health of your Mac battery, get many new tips about energy consumption, prolong every charging cycle and have enough time to save all the working processes before a laptop run out of energy, try Chargeberry as this is an excellent tool for those purposes.

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Plarium’s new MMO strategy game Throne: Kingdom at War is riveting and addictive

Plarium's new MMO strategy humdinger: Throne: Kingdom At War – A Battle To Conquer

Plarium’s new MMO strategy humdinger: Throne: Kingdom At War – A Battle To Conquer

Plarium, an Israel-based mobile, social, and web-based game developer, popularly known for its massively multiplayer online games, has always seen that it provides the best gaming experience possible for its online users since it was founded in 2009.

A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players, typically from hundreds to thousands, simultaneously in the same instance (or world). MMOs usually feature a huge, persistent open world, although some games differ. These games can be found for most network-capable platforms, including the personal computer, video game console, or smartphones and other mobile devices.

Plarium’s new offering Throne: Kingdom at War

This time too, Plarium has offered an exciting experience through its new game, Throne: Kingdom at War released in August 2016. This game is set in a fictional medieval world where combatants are laying claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Armania, where the reigning monarch King Gerhard has passed away.

Plarium's new offering Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War Game Play

Players are required to create militaries, build towns, resource buildings, and go to war as one of those fighting for the right to be king. Players don the role of warlord and city builder and are constantly required to be ready for battle or to defend what they have built. Armies consist of faithful knights, fearless spearmen, cavalry, siege units, scouts, and other medieval style characters that keep the players engaged in both the player-versus-environment and player-versus-player experience.

The layout of the game, with high-grade graphics and sound, has a pleasant medieval kind of theme, which offers lots of various options that allows the players to get a hold of the game. In fact, those options continue to remain till the end of time or until the players stop enjoying being pushed around.

To begin with, the players need to construct new buildings such as a barracks or an academy by collecting and spending multiple resources, including food, lumber, iron and stone. These resources are automatically generated by buildings like farms and mines, and the players can upgrade these buildings or train more troops, as they play on more and more. If the players want to earn extra resources, they can send their troops to capture or attack computer and player-controlled bases on the world map. Players can also spend their resources on “Studies,” or research upgrades that can improve their towns, armies and more

The game gives players the opportunity to fight battles with those around the world in order to expand or defend their kingdom in a dynamic and strategic fashion by making use of concepts such as strategy, planning, and discipline. As a result, the game dictates a level of anticipation for different situations and tests one’s ability to effectively manage the collection of resources, development of military powers, and capacity to conquer new lands while defending their own.

Depending on the player’s personal playing style, one can join an already existing Order or create their own, and carry out the charge against the opponents. The players should also participate in quests and accomplish errands to get more points and resources. They can take part in global tournaments that can help them increase or decrease their combat and wealth, and the right to collect tribute in Silver. They can also select whether they want to play PvP or PvE gameplay.

While fighting is particularly enjoyable, the game is also educational in terms of planning, as it offers exciting battles that require strategic instincts to come out victorious.


Looks like the Throne: Kingdom at War is also a success in terms of fun and entertainment like the previous games offered by Plarium. Throne: Kingdom at War is free to play and is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. In January 2017, Throne: Kingdom at War had user ratings of 4 stars on iTunes and 4.5 stars on Google Play.

Some of the popular browser games offered by Plarium are: Vikings: War of Clans, Sparta: War of Empires, Stormfall: Age of War, Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Soldiers Inc., Total Domination, Nords: Heroes of the North. Plarium also offers mobile games like Vikings: War of Clans, Stormfall: Rise of Balur, Total Domination: Reborn, Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare, and now Throne: Kingdom at War.

In November 2012, Plarium released Stormfall: Age of War, one of the fastest growing social games on Facebook. In 2013, Facebook recognized Soldiers, Inc. as one of the top social games of the year.

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All Oscar nominated movie torrents are available in hi-quality except “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Oscar fever: All Oscar-nominated films are available on The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, RARBG and KickassTorrents

Oscar fever: All Oscar-nominated films are available on The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, RARBG, Demonoid, LimeTorrents and KickassTorrents

It’s that time of the year when Oscar fever grips the world and we tune to our TV sets to know about the Oscar winners for 2017. The Oscar awards ceremony will start in a few hours from now but you will be surprised to know that almost all of the Oscar nominated films are available on torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, RarBG, KickassTorrents, Demonoid, LimeTorrents, Torrent Downloads, TorrentProject, and EZTV etc.for download.

Most of the films are screener versions which guarantee top quality save a few which are DVD rips. Only one film, George Lucas  ‘Star Wars: The Rogue One’ is still not available in hi-res version. Produced by Walt Disney Pictures,  ‘Star Wars: The Rogue One’ was released on 10th December 2016 and yet the torrents available for this film are just cam rips. Ironically, ‘Star Wars: The Rogue One’ has been the top hit for 2017, collection over $1 billion at box office and yet it seems to have been given a miss by top movie rippers on the torrent circuit, perhaps due to pressure from movie production houses and authorities.

Just like an Oscar nomination or award does marvels for any film in theaters, they also tend to do very well on torrent websites. Torrent Freak has compiled data from Oscar piracy watcher Andy Baio to take look at the Oscar nominated/awarded films available on torrent websites.

Baio’s data states that normally the pirated screeners of Oscar-nominated movies start to appear on torrent websites around December. As we had exposed in 2015, many of these titles leaked from DVD screener copies which were sent out to reviewers, including Academy members who vote for the Oscars.

Oscar movies torrents in 2017

2017 has been starkly different to earlier years for torrents. While new movies still make it to the torrent websites, the screener versions came only in early January 2017. The biggest reason for this is the multi-pronged crackdown on torrent websites and rippers. ISPs in UK are already sending notices to torrent users in the United Kingdom to abstain from downloading torrents while nearly all Australian ISPs have been ordered by a court to block major torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, RARBG etc.

First of the screener versions to appear on torrent websites was Denzel Washington starrer Fences and soon after more and more screeners appeared online. With just a few hours to go before Oscars 2017 begun, a total of 14 screeners of nominated films are available on most big torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, RARBG, YTS, KickassTorrents etc., which is comparable to previous years.

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