Vivaldi Browser 1.6 with Notifications in Tabs released for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux

Chromium-Based Vivaldi 1.6  With World’s First Web Browser to Display Notifications in Tabs Released

If you want to get your Facebook, email, Twitter and other notifications directly on your browser tab, your solution is the new Vivaldi browser. Aimed at power users, the newly released Vivaldi v1.6 comes just three weeks after the release of Vivaldi v1.5 and packs a host of features to take on the might of Google’s Chrome, Firefox’s Mozilla and Microsoft’s Edge browsers.

But the most important feature in the newly released Vivaldi 1.6 browser will be the display notification feature which users miss in most browsers. The version 1.6 update is focused on the introduction of new Tab enhancements designed to hand over control of the browsing experience to users. The new Tab features including Tab Notifications, Named Tab stacks and Tab Selection by domain will enable users to seamlessly maintain their workflow. Naming tab stacks, along with the ability to rename existing tab stacks, which is as easy as right-clicking on the tab stack’s name and select the “Rename Tab Stack” option. It’s also possible to select multiple tabs by their domain.

Among other cool new feature in Vivaldi 1.6 is the ability to save open tabs as a session, making it a lot easier to organize and access multiple browsing sessions, support for nicknaming individual bookmarks for quicker access, as well as support for viewing two or more web pages through tab stack tiling.

Vivaldi 1.6 browser users will be able to enable or disable almost all of Vivaldi’s features, navigate faster than ever with the Forward and Rewind buttons, search web pages for Details with quick commands, add any search engine they want to the Search Box with a simple right-click, and fully customize the appearance and color of the interface.

Vivaldi 1.6 is based on Chromium version 55.0.2883.92 and brings all the other Chromium goodies to you.Commenting on the addition of this feature, Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi (former Opera CEO), says, “Details matter. Users matter. They are the key to a successful product. While we work on bigger features, our focus on the detail does not stop. The Vivaldi browser is heading to be more interactive and intuitive. It’s about creativity, customization, and freedom.”

Users can now hold down the Ctrl (or ? on Mac OS) and double-click on the tabs they wish to select and cluster them to make the tabbing neat and clutter free. This not only enables you to easily stack tabs but also bookmark multiple ones or move them to a new window at the same instant. Thus, making it effortless to manage the browser and your workflow to be more productive. You can download Vivaldi 1.6 today from for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now

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