After the leak from FBI network, Anonymous have leaked details of federal bank employees of United states.

Few days ago, Anonymous leaked the data from FBI network, on FBI’s claim of Anonymous being dismantled. Not more than 2 days have passed Anonymous have leaked details of federal bank employees of United states, today. 

The leak was Announced on twitter, by Anonymous hacker going with twitter handle @OpLastResort.

Federal Reserve Complete Ruination Dox rehosted: Good luck getting someone in Zimbabwe to take that down #FBI #ROFLZ
— OpLastResort (@OpLastResort) August 24, 2013

The leaked data is in .csv format and contains data of employees of federal bank of United states, with there contact details, job details, Rank/Position and much more.

The leaked data can be seen from this link .

 FBI’s claims does not stand with what they say, huge number of leaks from Anonymous networks and results shows Anonymous is still in the game.


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