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Hacks, breaches, and leaks have become more rampant. Find about them here first and see how it affects your personal life. Stay updated with hacking news about different services, apps, and websites that become victims of the digital onslaught.


Anonymous Claims To Have Hacked The National Bank of Iran (Bank Melli)

The Anonymous hacktivist group says it has hacked the National Bank of Iran (Bank Melli) as part of its #OpIran against the Iranian government. Anonymous...
teen arrested

UK Police Arrests 17-Year-Old Believed To Be Behind GTA 6, Uber Hacks

A 17-year-old boy in Oxfordshire was arrested on suspicion of hacking by the City of London Police on Thursday, as part of an investigation...
gta 6

Hacker Leaks GTA 6 Source Code And Game Play Videos

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 gameplay videos and source code were leaked on public forums early Sunday morning, which included GTA assets such as...
Hacker Traffic Jam

Hackers Create Massive Traffic Jam By Sending Dozens Of Cabs At Same Location

Hackers broke into Russia's largest ride-hailing service app, Yandex Taxi – similar to the likes of Uber – on Thursday morning and send hundreds...

Plex Database Breached, Usernames, Emails, And Passwords Were Accessed

Plex, one of the most popular global streaming media services, on Wednesday announced a potential data breach involving one of its databases. The company...

Hacker Puts Data Of 5.4 Million Twitter Users On Sale For $30K

A Twitter vulnerability discovered in January 2022 allowed a threat actor to gain access to a database containing phone numbers and email addresses belonging...
bandai namco hacked

Bandai Namco Confirms Hack And Data At Risk Of Being Leaked

Bandai Namco, the Japanese video game publisher of many popular games such as Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Pac-Man, Tekken and more, on Wednesday confirmed...
british army twitter hack

British Army’s Twitter And YouTube Feeds Hacked To Promote Crypto Scams

The British Army said on Sunday afternoon that it had launched an investigation into a breach of its Twitter and YouTube accounts by cyber...

Cytrox’s Predator Sypware Is Targeting Android Smartphones

Security researchers with Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) recently published a report on a spyware campaign detailing how Android smartphone users across the globe...

Windows 11 And Teams Hacked Multiple Times At PWN2OWN

Pwn2Own is an annual computer hacking event where ethical hackers, cybersecurity experts, and several other contestants showcase their skills. They even help mainstream hardware...