Turkish Ajan hacked websites of Pizza Hut spain and malta today, and leaked their database.

Turkish Ajan announced the database leak of Pizza Hut spain and malta from their official twitter profile today.

Pizzahut spain,malta hacked zone:https://t.co/o3lGv4DgeY file:https://t.co/VY84S1awSf @HackRead @EHackerNews #freeegypt pic.twitter.com/XxRSMuXslV
— TurkishAjan Official (@TurkishAjan) August 21, 2013

In addition to the leak the hacker also hacked a page (https://pizzahut.es/restaurantes/) of the website and made it redirect to one of the older Archive page of defacement. 

The leaked data was uploaded on file sharing network dosya.tc and can be downloaded from there.

The websites affected by database breach are:
pizzahut.es pizza hut spain website and pizzahut.mt pizzahut malta website

The Article has been updated with fresh link to leaked data download.

few days ago Turkish Ajan hacked sony, italy and leaked their database.


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