Anonymous Albania Is back again, Hacks and Defaces More than 200 Serbian websites.

Anonymous Albania was back in action after months and hacked 227 Serbian Sites. the websites were hacked and defaced by members of Anonymous Albania– Bulka Hacker’s & M3GAFAB.

The hacked website was showing a deface page with a message:

Hello Serbitch, now wonder why you see it on this particular page?? 
We do it because we can and we will continue to do so 
Now the fact is that we are pissed off at both you and EULEX to go and sign agreements which do not concern you, but you will put you in the other countries’ problems, Kosovo is not Serbia .. 
We will always remember what you did to our people, you drove close to 1 million displaced people you killed more than 14,000 people are raped more than 20000 women. And you think we should just put it aside and pretend that nothing has happened between us. 
Our final word is that we honor all families who lost someone in the war against you 
We want justice and we want our missing people back 

FUCK Serbia & Greece & All Anti Albanians

The list of defaced websites can be seen from the paste provided below:

At the time of writing the Article, all the websites were still showing the defaced page and was not restored.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Knowledge is Power


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