Global post website and twitter Account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.

In series of attack by Syrian Electronic Army, Global post a popular American media group has been added to its victim list.
In a tweet fired by official SEA account, stated that Global post’s website and twitter Account was hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.

Several tweets were fired from Official verified account of global post, by syrian electronic army, which proved they gained access to twitter Account of global post.

Some other tweets stated,

‘This time we hacked your website and your Twitter account, the next time you will start searching for new job 🙂 | 

Think twice before you publish untrusted informations about Syrian Electronic Army via @Official_SEA16 #SEA #Syria

The twitter Account is still compromised, and tweets are being fired about, Syria.

Another screenshot from Syrian Electronic Army shows, they have access to Global post’s Website Admin panel.

The website was down for long time, but is up now. it is not clear now how SEA manged to get access to the Admin panel.

But they stated the reason of hacking as, 

Global post was making fake news about SEA, and was Relating Peoples name with SEA, who were in no way associated with Syrian Electronic Army.

In a Conversation with THN, One of the member of SEA, stated we were able to delete the Article posted by Global post which said some People’s were members of SEA, but we didn’t and left the choice for Global post.

As of now it seems SEA, still have access to Global post’s twitter Account.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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