AnonGhost have Announced to leak Thousands of credit card details on 11th September at #OpIsraelReb0rn

AnonGhost claims to have access to 5000+ credit cards details from Israel, which they say to leak on the final day of #OpIsraelReb0rn, on 11th of September.

In a conversation with Mauritani Attacker, Leader of AnonGhost, hacker claims to have access to 5000+ Credit cars details from Israel which will be leaked on 11th of September on final day of #OpIsraelReb0rn.

Mauritania, also provided a screenshot with some of the Accounts as a proof.

He also said he access to millions of credit card details from some other firm, or organisation which will not be disclosed now, and may be disclosed on final day of #OpIsraelReb0rn.

Mauritania Attacker also said, he have access to Important Government documents and files of Israel, which will be leaked on the final day.

Many security experts believe, the Final day of #OpIsraelReb0rn may bring, cause lots of damage to Israel cyber space Including Israeli Governments, and their supporting Nations.


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