Official Government website for Interpol, Indonesia is taken down by Anonymous hacker going with the handle  ‘Fu7ioN’ on twitter. the website ( is down for now more than 3 hours, and can be offline for more period.


‘Fu7ioN’ said, Interpol, Indonesia Website has been taken down by him as a protest on The arrest of Anonymous hackers around the world. ‘The Arrest include 4 people in spain, 10 in Argentina, 6 in chile and 5 in Colombia as part of a world wide sweep carried out’. The website has been taken down by DDOS attack.
we checked and found that The website cannot be accessed from any location.
It has been now more than 3 hours since the website is down. 
Last tweet by the ‘Fu7ioN’ account states that the DDOS aatack has been stopped now. but the website is facing problem to load, and can take some time to be back to normal.
we will keep you all updated for any further news about the attack.



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