Anonymous hacks ISIS website and infects users with malware

Anonymous hacks ISIS website and infects users with malware

Anonymous is on a mission and it is to reduce the influence of ISIS in any manner it can

Anonymous is making efforts to reduce the online influence of ISIS, the terrorist group to the best of its abilities and that happens to be using its dexterous hacking skills. The official news agency of the terrorist organization called Amaq has reported users about a potential compromise in the security of its website. The agency has said that the website has been hacked by Anonymous and also started infecting thousands of users.

If the user visits the website, they will be met with the following message:

“The site ahead contains malware, and that attacker might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information.”

According to details reported that by Vocativ, the site’s administrators had identified the hack on Thursday, and several ISIS forums have also reported about the incident. The virus was apparently impersonating as a Flashplayer.apk which is the Android OS file format. Since Android is also vulnerable to a slew of malware, Anonymous most likely thought that it can infect the least protected operating system out of the mobile OS out there.

With most malware opening up unnecessary pop-ups and slowing the system down, according to the source, this particular malware has a more precise nature that is suited to what Anonymous’ next step is going to be. It has apparently been designed to be the eyes and ears of the hacking group and is expected to spy on the ISIS terrorist group’s members.

In addition, it can also track user’s locations, read conversations and collect all the multimedia files on their devices. Perhaps this is the tool that Anonymous can use to warn the impending danger from ISIS’ side if the need ever arises. However, the malware can potentially be removed by factory resetting the device to its original state.

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Anonymous hacktivists post guide on how to hack Donald Trump’s Smartphone

Anonymous hacktivists post guide on how to hack Donald Trump’s Smartphone

Anonymous Explains How To Hack President Donald Trump’s Smartphone

The hacktivist group Anonymous on Friday attached a screenshot in a tweet explaining how the newly elected U.S. President, Donald Trump’s smartphone is vulnerable to a potentially devastating hack attack as the device runs on Android 4.4 OS, which is out-of-date with existing security requirements.

Anonymous posted the hacking guide after the New York Times disclosed that the President still uses an“old, unsecured Android phone”, which is believed to be a Samsung Galaxy S3. In their tweet, they warned Trump of the dangers and mentioned that software bug called ‘Stagefright’ could be used to crack into his smartphone by any potential hacker.

They wrote: “A Galaxy S3 does not meet the security requirements of a teenager, let alone the purported leader of the free world.

“Without exaggerating, hacking a Galaxy S3 or S4 is the sort of project I would assign as homework for my advanced undergraduate classes.”

Stagefright could be used to infect Trump’s smartphone if he was fooled into clicking on a malicious web link, Anonymous said.

How Stagefright works

To execute the malicious plan, you need the victim’s phone number. Once available, one can easily gain complete access on smartphones running Android versions older than Android 5.0.1. In older Android versions, background components, such as those used to play multimedia files, are implemented in the native C++ code instead of more secure languages such as Java. This leads to remote code execution vulnerabilities, which can be misused using various hacking methods, one of which is Stagefright.

To run Stagefright on the victim’s phone, a hacker needs to send a specially crafted MMS message containing an.MP4 file. MMS files are automatically downloaded when an Android device is connected to the internet. The hacker will be able to execute harmful codes on the smartphone once the download is complete and compromise sensitive data. The hacker can then delete the MMS without the victim even finding it out.

Anonymous has constantly tweeted against Trump and warned that it will be targeting him.

“Alternatively, one could advertise malware on Brietbart and just wait for Trump to visit,” the hacktivists added.

Source: Sputnik news

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Anonymous tells Donald Trump : You Will ‘Regret’ the Next 4 President Years

Anonymous tells Donald Trump : You Will ‘Regret’ the Next 4 President Years

Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Donald Trump’s election victory over Hillary Clinton had shocked the entire world including the mainstream media groups. While he will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America in an gala function to be held in Washinton D.C., he has a new enemy in form of the Anonymous.

Anonymous, the loose collective of online hackers, had kept a rather low profile during the election campaign with some Anons openly supporting Trump while others opposing it. Anonymous as an organisation chose to remain neutral on Donald Trump up to now. But now it seems that swords are drawn as Anonymous issued an ominous warning to President-elect Donald Trump ahead of his inauguration, telling the billionaire he’s going to “regret” the next four of his presidential years.

The hacker organisation gave a clarion call to its followers on Twitter, asking them to oppose Trump during his presidency period tooth and nail and also urging them to expose any potential compromising information they can find about the soon-to-be new leader of the free world.

The Twitter account also tagged Trump making unsubstantiated allegations that he has “financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers.”  “This isn’t the 80’s any longer, information doesn’t vanish, it is all out there. You are going to regret the next 4 years. @realDonaldTrump,” reads a tweet from @YourAnonCentral.

Trump, however, didn’t respond to the tweet. It remains to be seen what kind of evidence the Anonymous has against Trump and when will it disclose the same.

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Anonymous hacker on hunger strike for two weeks to protest against torture of late Aaron Swartz

Anonymous hacker on hunger strike for two weeks to protest against torture of late Aaron Swartz

Anonymous hacker in the second week of a hunger strike in prison to protest against torture and political prosecutions against late activist Aaron Swartz

Except for the hackers and Anonymous community nobody remembers late Aaron Swartz.  Aaron Swartz was a member of the online activists grouping Anonymous and was arrested in 2011 by FBI on charges of hacking. What happened after that is not known but one fine day Swartz committed suicide. The Anonymous community feels that Swartz committed suicide due to torture and political persecution by FBI and US Department of Justice officials.

What happened to Swartz and another Anonymous member, Jonathan James is now a matter of speculation. But the fact remains that the two of world’s  most wanted hackers had committed suicide and no one still knows why. Swartz and James, both hackers by profession and members of Anonymous plus both were most wanted by the FBI have committed suicide in face of the federal investigation against them for hacking crimes.

However, there is one guy, a member of Anonymous who has undertaken a fast to protest against what happened to the likes of Swartz and James. Martin Gottesfeld, 32, a member of the online hacktivist group, Anonymous, began the hunger strike on October 3 and has already lost eight pounds. Gottesfeld faces charges under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act after allegedly being involved in the hacking of Boston Children’s Hospital in 2014 following the apparent mistreatment of one of its patients.

A video released by the hacker collective Anonymous in 2014 called for attacks against the hospital in response to the controversial Justina Pelletier child-custody case. The video claimed that 15-year-old Pelletier was held against her will by the State of Massachusetts and was “tortured physically and mentally.”

anonymous hacker hunger strike prison

Above is a letter from Gottsfeld to all those who care about Swartz and the inhuman torture being practiced by FBI and federal authorities.  Gottesfeld says he will continue the hunger strike until two demands are met. Firstly, he has asked for the U.S. presidential candidates to promise to help ensure children are not mistreated in the way he claims Pelletier was.

“My motive for the strike is to get pledges from candidates so that something can finally happen after decades of children being tortured, abused and killed,” Gottesfeld tellsNewsweek through his wife Dana Gottesfeld.

“It’s inexcusable for the death and abuse of so many children go unpunished. We should do better for America’s youth.”

Gottesfeld’s second demand is that the authorities should end the political torture of Anonymous members. He has specifically called for an end to the “political” style of prosecution waged by Carmen Ortiz, the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts.

Gottesfeld faces up to five years in prison and a $380,000 fine. A FreeMartyG campaign has been launched by his friends, family and supporters to help raise awareness of his case.

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Twitter says Anonymous’ list of alleged ISIS accounts is highly inaccurate

Twitter says Anonymous' list of alleged ISIS accounts is highly inaccurate

Twitter has confirmed that many of the “taken down” accounts do not belong to ISIS.

The cyber war declared by the hacktivist group Anonymous against ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has started turning out in a different way from expectations.

Anonymous, which functions primarily online and has thousands of supporters around the world, declared “war” on Monday in a customary video. They promised “the biggest operation ever” against the organization that claimed responsibility for the deaths of 130 in France.

Reportedly Twitter was the major front where the war had to be fought. Anonymous started taking down suspected accounts and soon the number crossed 10,000. Fans of Anonymous across the world started sharing this on their social media platforms. But soon it turned out to be something entirely unexpected.

Actually, The social network has banned thousands of these pro-ISIS trespassers, the New York Times reports, citing a terms-of-service violation which prohibits supporting terrorism.

To the applause of its own supporters, Anonymous claimed on Friday to have whacked more than 20,000 ISIS accounts—amounting to nearly half of the known active accounts, according to estimates from earlier this year. The process generally works by curating a massive list of Twitter accounts in a text document, designating them as “ISIS-affiliated,” and publishing them online. The group then reports the accounts, some using a widely circulated “Twatter Reporter” bot.

If anyone’s engaged in an online war with ISIS, however, it’s the people at Twitter, who are working—perpetually—to scrub extremist views and violent threats off the face of the Internet.

A spokesperson for Twitter, who asked not to be quoted by name, told Daily Dot that the lists generated by Anonymous are not being used by the company, saying research has found them to be “wildly inaccurate.”

“Users flag content for us through our standard reporting channels, we review their reports manually, and take action if the content violates our rules,” the spokesperson said, adding: “We don’t review anonymous lists posted online, but third party reviews have found them to be wildly inaccurate and full of academics and journalists.”

Whether flooding the company’s review team by reporting users off a massive, likely unreliable list of names is counterproductive to banning ISIS, Twitter refused to comment.

A review team at Twitter has been working to eliminate any ISIS support on its network, the spokesperson said. The accounts get reported from all around the world, one of several reasons language skills are so highly valued at the company. (Twitter staffs employees fluent in Arabic to personally review those accounts before suspending their service, the spokesperson said.) Many of the alleged ISIS accounts communicate in Arabic, but the messages are often split into multiple tweets due to Twitter’s 140-character limit.

While Anonymous is in the headlines, ISIS have called them an Idiot. Anonymous in turn has published a “how-to” guide on the Internet for normal people to interrupt the way of Terrorist Organization and called ISIS a “virus”.

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Anonymous leak high level top secret data of Canadian government

Anonymous leak high level top secret data of Canadian government

Anonymous leak second tranche of top secret document belonging to Government of Canada

Continuing their online protest against the Canadian government, hacktivist belonging to the Anonymous collective have leaked another high-level federal document about the redevelopment of Canada’s key diplomatic centres in Britain.

The above leak is the second one made by Anonymous and is marked as “secret” and marked “confidence of the Queen’s Privy Council,” discusses government cost overruns — but an eventual anticipated profit — from the Department of Foreign Affairs’ selling, relocating and refurbishing of Canada’s diplomatic buildings in London, one of its last major acts under former minister John Baird.

The document belongs to the Treasury Board of Canada and is dated Feb. 6, 2014. The earlier documents released by Anonymous revealed the closely guarded secret of the specific size of Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s network of foreign stations and problems with their outdated cyber security.

“They have their best people on it.… It’s a bit of a black eye on public sector security,” said the source on condition they not be named. Federal authorities are comparing versions of the documents and scanning for discrepancies that may help track down from whose hands it may have slipped. “It just goes to show, you have to do more to keep things secure,” said the government source.

The source also acknowledged that the documents leaked by Anonymous as authentic. The government source also dismissed conspiracy claims made by the activists, including any claim the diplomatic moves were linked to CSIS and spying, as “wholly false.”

Anonymous have stated that they have many more such documents and have promised to release one tranche at a time to mount pressure the Canadian government over the fatal shooting of a protester in B.C. and the passing of Bill C-51, the controversial anti-terrorism bill that gave expanded powers to police and Canada’s spy agency.

Lisa Murphy, spokeswoman for the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, did not answer specific questions about the documents.

“We do not comment on leaked documents. The Government of Canada is committed to sound stewardship and information-management practices,” she said. “We are continuously taking measures to ensure the safeguarding of our information holdings. The Treasury Board Secretariat is committed to protecting classified information on its networks.”

The government source said that the matter is being investigated by the police.

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Anonymous Hacks Philippines Telecom Commission Site Against Slow Internet Speed

Anonymous Hacks Philippines Telecom Commission Site Against Slow Internet Speed

Anonymous Philippines hack the Philippines Telecom Commission website to protest against the slow internet speed

Taking up cudgels with the telecom authority of Philippines on behalf of millions of Filipino Internet users, Anonymous Philippines, an affiliate of the online hacktivist group Anonymous, hacked and defaced the official website of the country’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said that they had hacked the NTC website to protest against the slow Internet speed and the high charges charged by NTC for bandwidth.

Anonymous left a deface page along with a message on the hacked NTC website playing Upuan song from Gloc-9 group. The message demands the commission to increase the Internet speed and bandwidth. The group also called for fairness in the charging and delivery of Internet services.

According to the deface message:-

“We, Anonymous Philippines, are sympathizing with our fellow Filipino netizens whose battle cries are the “Over promised, under delivered” system of our internet service providers. We are calling forth the attention of the NTC for this matter in hand; with this we talk as a whole…as ONE, we are asking for fairness in charging and serving our data services.”

A full preview of the deface page is available below:-

Anonymous Hacks Philippines Telecom Commission Site Against Slow Internet Speed

The defaced page is still available here on Google Cache.

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Anonymous member in Guy Fawkes Mask Shot Dead by RCMP; “#OpAnonDown” Anons Vow Revenge

Anonymous member in Guy Fawkes Mask Shot Dead by RCMP; "#OpAnonDown" Anons Vow Revenge

RCMP shoot dead a man wearing an Guy Fawkes mask Anonymous vow revenge and announce #OpAnonDown

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police shot and killed a member of of the Anonymous yesterday. According to police reports the shooting took place outside the Fixx Urban Grill restaurant at the Stonebridge Hotel on Highway 2 near the outskirts of the city.

RCMP said that they were called to the restaurant around 6:30 p.m. last night to disperse a man allegedly disrupting and damaging property at a BC Hydro open house on the Site C dam project. Open House Hydro had been holding the event to update the public on construction timelines for the $8.8-billion hydro dam on the Peace River.

An independent investigations watchdog in Canada, IIO said that the RCMP police arrived on scene and encountered a man wearing a mask outside the restaurant, and believed him to be connected to the complaint.

The man who was in a Anonymous trademark Guy Fawkes mask was carrying a knife and got into a confrontation with the RCMP who shot him.

IIO said that the man was taken to the hospital where he died of his wounds.  No RCMP officers or other civilians were injured. The shooting shocked the Anonymous hacktivist group as well as people supporting free speech and anons

A video uploaded to Facebook with the caption “Shot because the guy showed a knife” shows the moments after the shooting. We are not displaying the video as it is too graphic.

As said above, Anonymous has taken umbrage against the killing of its brethren in cold blood. Just moments ago, the Anonymous have announced a operation call @OpAnonDown to take revenge against the slaying of their brother.

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Anonymous bring down Canadian government websites to protest against Bill C-51, the new anti-terrorism law

Canada passes new anti-terrorism law called Bill C-51, Anonymous launch a OpCyberProtest and bring down major Canadian government websites

Canada passes new anti-terrorism law called Bill C-51, Anonymous launch a OpCyberProtest and bring down major Canadian government websites

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous has brought down several Canadian government website and servers in a an orchestrated cyber attack against Canada’s new anti-terrorism law.

The Canadian arm of Anonymous, Anonymous Canada, took to Twitter to announce the attacks around 12 hours ago.

The primary website for government services,, as well as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) website, were among those affected. The Canadian government sources said the attack also disrupted email, Internet access and servers.

Canadian cabinet minister Tony Clement who heads the Canadian Treasury Board, publically confirmed the attack on Twitter.

In a video posted on YouTube by @OpCyberProtest, the Anonymous said the Canadian law violated human rights and targeted people who disagree with the government. It is also organising protests against the law.

The Bill C-51 which is also called Anti-terrorism Act, 2015,  would broaden the mandate of the CSIS, giving the agency new powers to disrupt perceived security threats. The legislation, once enacted by the government, would also make it easier for federal agencies to increase surveillance and share information about individuals.

The Anonymous who consider themselves the flagbearers of online freedom of speech and privacy have taken umbrage against the vast powers that the Canadian snooping agency, CSIS gets under this bill. They have asked online users to protest over the enactment of this law through a Pastebin paste.

Anonymous had released a video in January, much before the law was being debated, warning Canadian citizens of the privacy and security issues with the C-51


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Anonymous down Nazi supporting websites

Anonymous down Nazi supporting websites

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of defeat of Nazi forces in 1945, Anonymous Sweden bring down pro-Nazi websites

The Swedish chapter of online hacktivist group, Anonymous Sweden yesterday celebrated the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazi forces in Germany by bringing down pro Nazi websites hosted from Sweden.

The websites, and were attacked through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and are still down at the time of writing this article.

Announcing the news of the attacks on Pastebin, the Anonymous Sweden said,

“Today it’s 70 years since nazi-Germany fell. But nazis is still marching in Europe.. Attacking peaceful protesters and spreading fear across the world.
It is our duty to remember what happend and never let the horrors be forgotten.. It is our duty to fight nazism. Today we Will wipe the nazis of the webs!

Main targets
Server info : Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) mod_fcgid/2.3.6 mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/1.0.1e
IP: is their dotted decimal
Server info: its a worldpress site with cloudfare “Protection”
We are Anonymous
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Hitler-fan boys, its time to expect us!
/Anonymous Sweden with friends!

Special thanks to PH1K3

United as one
divided by zero
expect us”

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