Anonymous hacks ISIS website and infects users with malware

Anonymous is on a mission and it is to reduce the influence of ISIS in any manner it can

Anonymous is making efforts to reduce the online influence of ISIS, the terrorist group to the best of its abilities and that happens to be using its dexterous hacking skills. The official news agency of the terrorist organization called Amaq has reported users about a potential compromise in the security of its website. The agency has said that the website has been hacked by Anonymous and also started infecting thousands of users.

If the user visits the website, they will be met with the following message:

“The site ahead contains malware, and that attacker might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information.”

According to details reported that by Vocativ, the site’s administrators had identified the hack on Thursday, and several ISIS forums have also reported about the incident. The virus was apparently impersonating as a Flashplayer.apk which is the Android OS file format. Since Android is also vulnerable to a slew of malware, Anonymous most likely thought that it can infect the least protected operating system out of the mobile OS out there.

With most malware opening up unnecessary pop-ups and slowing the system down, according to the source, this particular malware has a more precise nature that is suited to what Anonymous’ next step is going to be. It has apparently been designed to be the eyes and ears of the hacking group and is expected to spy on the ISIS terrorist group’s members.

In addition, it can also track user’s locations, read conversations and collect all the multimedia files on their devices. Perhaps this is the tool that Anonymous can use to warn the impending danger from ISIS’ side if the need ever arises. However, the malware can potentially be removed by factory resetting the device to its original state.

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