Several Government websites of iraq taken down by Anonymous hacker Mrlele from Team Anonsec.

Anonymous hacker going with the handle Mrlele, who is also the founder of Team Anonsec, Anonymous Kurdistan and a member of Team Anonghost. have taken down several Government websites of iraq.

Websites that have been taken down includes, Official website of Prime minister of iraq (, Central bank of Iraq (, and Cabinet of iraq ( all three websites have been down via DDOS attack for now more than half hour. the Announcement about the attack was made on official twitter and Facebook page of Anonsec, and via the profile of hacker.

Mrlele said the reason of attack was, because they all want freedom of Kurdistan. he also added that he was able to keep these 3 website down for more than 6 days in a row once. 
as of now all three websites can not be accessed and it is not clear, how long these websites will be down.

We will let you updated about any information we get on the news.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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