Websites of deputy of Argentina have been hacked and defaced by Team Hacking Argentino. Official website of Jose Ricardo Mongelo – Deputy of the Nation (, website of Candidato a Diputado por la Provincia de Buenos Aires ( and website of Chinese Fernando Rosúa – Candidate for Councillor Rosario ( was showing a deface page as shown in the screenshot below.

One other Government website, Presidente Municipal de Sauce de Luna | Entre Ríos (

was also hacked and defaced by Team Hacking Argentino, with a different deface page, as shown in the screenshot in the right side.

On asking about the reason of the attack one of the team member said, ‘If you want to watch for more information follow us on Sunday will be voting in Argentina

The reasons for that attack is after the votes, a better country’.
All 4websites are still showing the deface page, and has not been restored till now, there could be more websites being hacked or taken down on sunday on the day of election.


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