17 Military websites of brazil hacked and defaced by Anonymous hacker ‘Baader Meinhof’.

Anonymous hacker going with the handle ‘Baader Meinhof’ hacked and defaced 17 Military websites of Brazil. 
the hacked website was showing a deface page as shown in the screenshot below:

The deface page was showing a short message, written in Porteguese. which stated,

 País Gigante,porém fraco..
O Gigante acordou pegou um rango e voltou a durmir novamente..
O Brasil tem que parar tudo de uma vez.
Vamos lá brasil! O nosso governo agora está certinho? HAHA claro que não
Não usamos nenhum tipo de rede social
seja twitter,facebook,etc.
nada disso,oque surgir de rede social sobre agente
É absolutamente FALSO!!!
We are not anonylammers movement 


English translation:

Giant Country but weak
The Giant wake up and took the food and come back sleep again
The Brazil have to stop it once for all
Let go Brazil. Our government is certain now? HAHA Of course no

We don’t use any kind of social network
be twitter, facebook and etc…
None of them, what arise in the network social about us
Is absolutely FAKE!!!
We are not Anonylamers movement

Experts says it as one of the major cyber attack in the history of Brazil. List of all 17 websites which were hacked can be seen from the paste provided below: 

At the time of writing the Article all 17 websites were still showing the deface page.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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