Indian hackers celebrates Festival of diwali by defacing 2400+ Pakistani websites.

3rd and 4th October have bring the festival of light diwali,  in India and few parts of Sri lanka some other Asian countries.

This diwali Indian hackers were busy with their own stuffs, it will not be true to say that they have not enjoyed the festival, they must have, lighting their homes with diya, candles, etc. crackers and fireworks were being lighted every then and now.
but there was something special in their celebration this time, Indian hackers were celebrating diwali by defacing websites worldwide with deface page showing wishes of diwali.
and most of them were busy in hacking websites of neighbor country ‘pakistan’

Indian hacker going with the handle Venemous Worm hacked and defaced more than 2400 websites of Pakistan, ‘wishing happy diwali to everyone’.

Now if you wish someone he will surely wish you back, hackers are very active on social networks, and if one hacker wishes another by sending him link of a defaced website, other hacker wishes him back by sending link of other defaced website.

Few of hacked websites can be seen from the paste provided below:

This list contains only a few percent of what was hacked yesterday by Indian hackers, but if you will try to collect the Information about the complete list of hacked website, on celebration of diwali, i am sure you will get thousands and thousands of more websites that were defaced with diwali, deface page.


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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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