Pakistani hacker going with the handle ‘H4$N4!N H4XOR’, a member of ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’ hacked and defaced the official website of Jaya TV.
The hacked website was showing a deface page as shown in the above screenshot:

Jaya TV is a Popular Tamil language Satellite television based in chennai India, and is broadcasted in India, Middile East, Asia, Australia and NewZeland.

Including the Official Website (
5 subdomains of the Network was also hacked, which are given below:

Main website:

The hacked website was showing a short message, the message is related to Kashmir, which is a part of India, and is claimed by Pakistan to be theirs.
We Are [PHC] PAKISTAN HAXORS CREW : “PHC will speak up for Kashmiri Rape Victims , PHC will speak up against Indian oppression , PHC will speak up against Indian occupation , PHC will not forget about Kashmir Massacres”

At the time of writing the Article, Hacked website were still showing the deface page.


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