A recent report from hurriyet daily states that Russian hackers have stolen 54 Million Turkish Citizens ID data. which is more than 70% of the total Population of turkey.

The General Manger of KONDA research Company,  Bekir Agirdir, said some of the partys don’t have Antivirus program to protect there data online, and have uploaded data of Turkish citizens online for election purpose. in less than 2 hours complete data was downloaded and stolen by Russian hackers.

Stolen data contains Citizen Name, ID Number, address, Fathers Name and several other details.
Turkeys Supreme Election board have been sharing the information with every party from 2011, The mistake was solely of the Parties who did not used cautions to protect the data.
A report from Country’s audit board also confirmed that some of the Government Institutions have been sharing citizens personal information with other organisations without using proper data protection methods.

Online data sharing and protection have always been a major reason of trouble for Big Organisations, and if you are weak at the security, You are vulnerable to thousands of Hackers that come across your website/database daily.