Election Commission of Nepal hacked and defaced by Pakistan Haxors crew.

Pakistani hacker going with the handle HUNT4R, who is a member of ‘Pakistan Haxors crew’ hacked and defaced Official Government website for Election Commission of Nepal.

Election Commission of Nepal is the body responsible for monitoring elections in Nepal as well as registering parties and candidates and reporting Election outcomes in Nepal. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_Commission_of_Nepal)

The Hacked website was showing a Deface page with short message saying,

Pakistan Haxors Crew
Into Your System…
We are Security Testers.
Your System Has Been Hacked
Hacked Website with its mirror:
Mirror: zone-hc.com/archive/mirror/452a0a3_election.gov.np_mirror_.html

Pakistan Haxors crew are mostly targeting Indian High profile websites including Government, Political And Television Network. Know more about PHC see Pakistan Haxor Crew

It is worth bringing to the readers notice that this same Election Commission had successfully concluded the Nepal’s elections held on November 19 which had resulted in a humiliating defeat for the United Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M).  The result of these elections were announced Tuesday 3rd December 2013.   Political interference or motivation behind this event cannot be ruled out as Nepal is a hotbed of political powerplay between the neighbours India, Pakistan, China and the big brother US.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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