#OpWorldCup: Brazil Government website hacked as a protest against 2014 FIFA World cup.

Anonymous hackers going with the handle ‘DK Brazil HackTeam’ hacked and defaced Brazil Government’s Igarapé do Meio municipality (igarapedomeio.ma.gov.br).

The hacked website shows popups which when clicked ‘OK’ redirects the visitor to a deface page with a short message and a Youtube video showing the negative impacts of FIFA World Cup on Brasil.

‘Expect us on 2014 FIFA’s Cup! Anonymous #ManifestationsCup #OpBrazil #OpWorldCup’
the war kills children, creates misery and destroys the culture of a people.

The message also says that any Files on the website have not been deleted.

DK Brazil HackTeam is not the only Anonymous affiliated team who are participating in the operation, some other hacker groups are also actively taking part in the Operation. Facebook Post and tweets from Anonymous Brazil shows there were several occasion when in last few days several other Government websites were also hacked.
while Many of us are eagerly waiting for the FIFA World Cup 2014. it seems like there is a large part of Brazil’s Population who does not want World Cup to be held in Brazil and is trying to bring The negative impact of FIFA World Cup on Brazil, in front of the world. 

The message on Deface page which reads ‘Expect us on 2014 FIFA’s Cup!’ also gives a open challenge in front of the Government. 
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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