US Election Federal Commission suffers breach by Chinese hackers at the time of Government shut down.

A recent report from the center for public integrity, states that Chinese hackers were able to breach US Election Federal Commission website during the Government shut down.

Chinese hackers crashed the Federal Election Commission Networks computer that publicly disclose how billions of dollars are raised and spent each election cycle by candidates, parties and political action committees.
Although an Independent auditor warned the FEC’s that their system was quite vulnerable which was infact a worse condition at the time of Government shutdown with no proper officials with much knowledge of System security, it was only managers that were looking at every thing while the Government shutdown.

The hack was confirmed by three of the Government officials, it is still unknown what have been done with the compromised data after gaining access to the system.

Department of homeland security is already behind the investigation. and have confirmed that it was Chinese hackers.

Moreover it is not the only hacking incident while the Government shutdown, The Food and drug Administration website was also compromised, during the period.

U.S have always been target by hackers from most of the part of the worlds, and while the Government shutdown the scenario seems more favoirable for hackers to attack over Government websites.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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