The Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI), Germany. have confirmed a recent data breach which effected More than 16 Million Accounts from Germany.

16 Million Accounts from Germany Compromised by hackers using Botnets.
The breach was notified to BSI by Law enforcement and research institutions that were analyzing Botnets and Malwares.
In addition to Emails, Social media Accounts, and few Shopping portal Accounts being Compromised hackers were also able to infect users with Malwares.
Agency spokesman, Tim Griese. Confirmed, that about half the accounts have .de domain name endings denoting it to be German- based Accounts.
BSI have set up a webpage ( where users can check if their Accounts have been compromised. and have asked the effected users to check for the Malware Contamination in their PC’s using recommended Antivirus program. and then finally changing all their Account passwords including, emails, Social Media, shopping portal and Bank passwords.