Seoul’s financial regulators on Sunday, Confirmed that about 20 Millions people of South Korea fall into the prey of recent Bank data leak.

Bank data of 20 Million customers Compromised and leaked in south korea

The data leak effecting such a big population of 20 Million people from the Country with 50 Million population is one of the biggest breaches in the country ever.
An employee from personal credit rating firm, Korea Credit Bureau (KCB), was arrested and accused for selling the data which he stole from the internal server of three credit card firm (KB Kookmin Card, Lotte Card and NH Nonghyup Card) while working with them as a consultant.
The leaked data includes customers’ names, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers and expiration date.
Investigators found that The data was sold to phone marketing companies, whose mangers were also arrested later on, FSS said in a statement.
The Credit card firm will be covering any financial loss, caused by this leak, FSS said. However Investigation is still going on, and more arrests are possible in the coming days.


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