NIC Togo, The Official Domain Registrant of Togo (Togolese Republic) , breached website defaced.

Syrian Hacker “Dr.SHA6H” going with the twitter handle ‘@DrSHA6H’ have hacked into Official domain registrant of of Togo (Togolese Republic) the website is currently hacked and defaced.

Just few minutes after defacing, (CAFE Informatique & Telecomunications) was also defaced, The Deface page shows a message, urging the world to help Syria,

Today, after looking at what faces (Syria) note most of the Countries in the world do not want help Syria There are a lot of Countries all over the World enter the irrational intervention in the problems of other Countries Such as the United States intervened in the problem (Osama bin Laden) Why..!? Now, America and other Countries do not interest with (Bashar al-Assad)..!? Or economic interest or is a political interest (We do not understand) .. We want answer all the Countries of the World, there are Children dying, women raped and houses destroyed. Or the problem is fear of (Iran) as we know..!? Iran today possesses nuclear weapons and does not want to fight America Why..!? Questions have no Answer, but we all know the answer religious racism that put us (Masonic) malignant (Did not mean a particular state what i said, but the prompt message for all the world)
Moreover a screenshot provided By “Dr.SHA6H” confirms he is having access to the admin panel of the website.
On Asking how he gained access to the website “Dr.SHA6H” said he is having a private exploit over the website.
Note: The attack can be further continued by changing DNS details of Clients like Facebook, blogger, Google, Orkut domain for Togo.
Dr.SHA6H is still in the admin panel and have said he will be targeting some more big websites in coming hours.
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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