Hackers going with the Online handle “Anti-NSA” hacked and defaced Official website of Angry Bird (https://www.angrybirds.com/) today.

Official Website of Angry bird hacked and defaced by Anti-NSA hackers
(Screenshot of the defaced website, said spying birds)

The website was hacked just after a day of the leaks from Edward Snowden which said that NSA targets Angry Birds to collect end user data. 
Though The Developers of the Game said in a press release that they are not involved in any such activities, “Rovio Entertainment Ltd, which is headquartered in Finland, does not share data, collaborate or collude with any government spy agencies such as NSA or GCHQ anywhere in the world.”.

“The alleged surveillance may be conducted through third party advertising networks used by millions of commercial web sites and mobile applications across all industries. If advertising networks are indeed targeted, it would appear that no internet-enabled device that visits ad-enabled web sites or uses ad-enabled applications is immune to such surveillance. Rovio does not allow any third party network to use or hand over personal end-user data from Rovio’s apps.” said the Game developer.

It is possible that The Company might have been a victim to The NSA’s Surveillance program without being noticed by there team.

At the time of writing the Article website was restored, but a webcached version(Mirror) of the defacement can be seen from the link provided below,