Pakistani hackers going with the handle “P4K-M4D-HUNT3R-Z” have hacked and defaced two of the Subdomains of Indian telecommunication giant BSNL.

BSNL subdomains hacked and defaced by Pakistani hacker
(Screenshot of the deface page)

The two Subdomains used by BSNL for “BSNL Value Added Service” and “BSNL International Roaming” was hacked and left defaced by Pakistani hacker just few minutes ago.
unlike other defacement from Pakistani hackers over Indian websites this one does not carry any message over Kashmir or any warning to Indian hackers, but only a security warning. 
One of the team member from the group said to Techworm that it was just a “security reminder” “they aren’t secure at all”.

Hacked website and Mirror:

There is no information if any customers data have been compromised, At the time of writing the Article, websites were still showing the deface page.