Hackers affiliated with Anonymous have threatened to disrupt the all web related activities of Fifa World Cup 2014, to be held in Rio, Brazil,  using the cyber warfare.

From the looks of it, the Anonymous have started implementing their strategy.  As of today, several Government websites of Brazil are being hacked, defaced and brought down daily, as the protest against the Fifa World Cup 2014.

Hackers have added that they will be targeting the Brazil Government and also the Agencies (Sponsor Companies) involved in the  Fifa World cup 2014.

The most likely tactics used will be Distributed denial of service attacks, which can crash the websites if able to flood the target websites with traffic exceeding the allotted Bandwidth of the website, data leaks and defacement will be carried on.

Hacktivists threaten Cyber attack over Fifa World Cup
The tournament is expected to cost about 33bn Brazilian Real (£8.4bn), an extravagant affair according to many Brazilians, considering that Brazil is reeling under price rise, hyper  inflation and other social ills.  The Brazilian populace has already made its opposition to such extravagant expenditure by the Brazilian Government by holding protests on the streets of Rio and other premier Brazilian cities.   The news is that, as it is the protests are getting to hot to handle for the Government and World Cup Organizing Committee, the chances of an impending Cyber attack is making the situation more critical for both of them

“It’s not a question of whether the cup will be targeted, but when,” said William Beer, a cyber-security expert with the consultancy firm Alvarez & Marsal.  
“So resilience and response become extremely important.”  General Jose Carlos dos Santos, the head of the cyber-command for Brazil’s army, said

While the Government Agencies have stated that they are prepared for any kind of Cyber warfare against the Fifa World Cup 2014,  the hackers, on their part, have already started, and are preparing for the final Cyber attack.   



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