Indian hackers hits back, Several Bangladeshi Government websites Hacked & defaced in reply.

From last few days Bangladeshi hackers are continuously targeting over Indian cyber space which has finally made Indian hackers to take actions and reply back.

After the Hack of BCCI, Bangladeshi hackers were actively defacing Indian websites and thousands of Indian websites were defaced in last few days. while the Indian hackers are already engaged in an ongoing CyberWar with Pakistani hackers. it looks like today they have defaced 5 Government websites of Bangladesh  in retaliation of Bangladeshi hackers attack over Indian cyber space. 
Indian hacker Going with the handle “Bl@Ck Dr@GoN” group Member of “I-HOS TEAM” (Indian hackers Online Squad) defaced these websites warning The Bangladeshi hackers not to Hack Indian Sites.
Several Government websites of Bangladesh hacked and defaced by Indian hackers.
(Screenshot of the deface page)

Mirror (Webcached version) of the Attack can be seen from here

It is possible that these attacks can continue for upcoming days unless Bangladeshi hackers stop Attacking the Indian cyber space.

At the time of writing the Article all the websites were still showing the deface page

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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