Yesterday TechWorm had brought you news about the ongoing Cyberwar through cyber attacks by RedHack against the Turkish Government. Yesterday, RedHack had confirmed that it had penetrated the database of the largest Turkish Internet Service Provider “TTNET” and the GSM operators “Vodafone” and “Turkcell”  and leaked some data online.
RedHack leaks database of Vodafone Turkey, to proof Company is storing personal data of its user.


Today in continuation to that attack RedHack leaked the data of logged voicemails belonging to 5000 citizens of Turkey on justpaste. RedHack says it has published the data of these 5000 individuals to show the world of the malpractices Vodafone indulges in Turkey. It has said that it has hidden the parts of phone numbers and Surnames to protect the Turkish public but has asked as to why Vodafone needs to keep details of voicecalls made in Turkey 

Phone numbers incomplete, Surnames are deleted to protect the public. Why would Vodafone keep log of voicecalls made in Turkey?
— RedHack_EN (@RedHack_EN) February 4, 2014


You can download and read the entire list of the leaked logs of voicemail data here
RedHack said that the leak was in memory of death of a protester at at Tasksim Gezi Park.  The Taksim Gezi Park protest was organised by hacker groups in Turkey under the banner of #occupygezi had caused the death of 19 year old Ali ?smail Korkmaz.  The protests were held on 18.1.2014 by the hacker groups, pro privacy associations and Turkish citizens against the new Turkish internet laws which the protesters said infringed on their fundamental right to freedom. You can read the full story of the protests here.


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