Hackers with a Golder Heart this is what the Spanish hackers were trying to prove when  “Team Hack Argentino”  hacked and defaced several Government websites of Argentina.  The hacks are being conducted in a co-ordinated manner for  for helping “Arturo“, for a Polar Bear to get world attention.  Arturo who is one of the main attractions at the zoo in the Argentine province of Mendoza.  However due to his depleting age he runs a high risk if moved any where else. Though the veterinarians and staff members from Argentine Medical board are insisting on not shifting Arturo. They say shifting him is prone to high risks given his age. But Environmentalists and hackers want the Zoo to liberate Arturo and to make their voice heard.

Argentinian hackers get together for Polar "Bear Arturo", hack government websites to bring world attention

‘Team Hack Argentino’ today hacked and are presently hacking several Government websites under the banner of  Operation “#OPFREEARTURO” “#LIBERENAARTURO” to free Arturo. Techworm spoke to one of the members of ‘Team Hack Argentino’ and asked him the reasons behind this hack. The team member said that Arturo the Polar Bear is kept in an extremely poor condition and is not provided with the proper medical attention as required. The Hacktivists are posting a video on the defaced website to support their claim.

Of the many hacked websites here are some
and https://cfj.gov.ar/mensaje.php
At the time of writing the Article the websites were still defaced.

The counter claims of Environmentalists and Hacktivists have now raised a whole new question mark over the inability of the Zoo Officials to move Arturo to a more safer place and the reasons behind them not moving Arturo.

Is the Arturo the Polar Bear being provided with proper care!!!