Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa said his Twitter account was hijacked last Thursday and the hijackers were posting some nasty anti government tweets.  He  blamed right-wing foreign groups for hijacking his Twitter account and posting these nasty tweets in his name.

Twitter Account of Ecuador's president Rafael Correa hacked
(Image credits: Softpedia)

The tweets posted by the hacker featured a link to Anonymous Ecuador’s website which in turn posted the intercepted emails send from Government officials related to security and Intelligence matters.

The Tweets were removed shortly from the Account, and a statement was released by Rafael, “A few hours ago my Twitter was hacked, and they sent false tweets with the usual outrages.

Ecuador’s Interior Ministry and the National Intelligence Secretariat issued a statement denouncing the hack as “an attack on internal security” as well as attack on President Correa’s privacy, and said it will not be tolerated.

It is still not clear that how the hacker was able to hijack the account, leaving behind the possibilities of phishing emails to be used in the attack.

Rafael’s twitter Account have a follower list of about 1.46 Millions, and the tweet was retweeted more than hundreds of time by his followers.


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