Google’s Street View a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world have brought up trouble for Google in Italy.

Google pays more than $1M fine for street view Violation in Italy

Google paid a 1 million euro (£825,890) fine after a regulator found that Google’s street view cars violated citizens rights of privacy, by taking photographs without the person’s permission.

Google’s Street View cars, which it used to record images on Italian streets in 2010, were not clearly recognisable. In addition to the fine, Google had to begin marking its vehicles with signs or stickers, as well as posting its planned locations three days before shooting photos. the law regulator said.

It is not the first time when Google is being fined for its street view, last year the Company was fined 210 million won ($196,000) in south korea for unauthorized data collection through street view.

It looks like Google’s Street View technology may have a long difficult way to travel through in upcoming future without getting tangled with the privacy advocacy groups and regulators across the world.