This hack is something out of extraordinary, a group of pro-rebel Syrian hacktivists hacked into the website of Kuwait’d Ministry of Internal Affairs only to say sorry for the hacking and urging them and the other Arab countries to do more for the people of Syria.
Hackers going by the handle of Shmook Amer and Dr.Hjd who obviously seem to be anti Assad regime hacktivists had hacked into website of the Kuwait’s top police authority only to say sorry for the intrusion and asked for more help from the Arab governments to the rebels to oust President Assad.  The funny thing about the hack is that only two months ago the Kuwaitis had gone all out to help the Syrian people affected by the civil war (read rebels) by organising the Second International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria.  In this conference attended by the officials and diplomats of the western as well as Arab world, Kuwait’s  Emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, had unilaterally promised $500 million to help the Syrians affected by the civil war that has been taking place in their country for the last three years.
The hacked website which has now been restored carried the following message from Shmook Amer and Dr.Hjd.  
Asalam Alykom! First of all we apologize for this hack but I would like to send a message to your state and who took part in your advertisement about Syria. Dear beloved ones, too much talk is meaningless, Bashar has been in office for 3 years but you have never stopped talking without any results.
We only need your collective cooperation and to be one hand against oppression and stop giving lame excuses to justify, we need a military action to solve their problem (referring to the Syrian crisis). Eventually, do not talk a lot; we need actions because they are louder than words.
The defaced page was restored immediately by the Kuwaiti IA but the cached image of the hacked page is available on Google Cache here.  The mirror file is also available here. 
Quite a odd way of saying thank you!!!