Anonymous Cambodia (AnonymousKH) claimed to have hacked the servers of highest telecom regulatory body of Cambodia, the TRC.  

Anonymous Cambodia leaks details on Pastebin related to the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia website

TRC or  Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia handles all the internet and mobile communications apparatus including censorship in Cambodia.   Back in April, AnonymousKH had launched a series of attacks against the Cambodian government under the name of #OpCambodia, the leaks could have resulted from those attacks.

Three pastes containing details from the servers of Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia are posted by a person with a handle of AnonymousKH.  Surprisingly the Twitter handle of AnonymousKH contains no mention of the pastes or the leaks. There is a strong possibility that this pastes could be fakes but they are garnering lot of views on Pastebin.  There are total of 4 pastes giving details of database leak with the latest being posted just 21 hours ago.

techworm is trying to contact the concerned to verify the antecedents of the leaks


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