Part 3 of the celebrity iCloud hacks happening on 27.9.2014, More to come

Part 3 of the Celeb ‘iCloud Hacks’ coming soon !!!

If you have already read the first part of leaks and the second tranche, you may have guessed that the hackers of the ‘iCloud hacks’ have amassed a huge cache of upclose and personal celebrity images through various means.  Apple CEO, Tim Cook stated on record that the Hollywood celebs iCloud accounts were compromised. He said the Hollywood celebrities were either victims of phishing scams or had had their passwords stolen because hackers had guessed their security questions correctly.  According to the rumours floating around on the net, the hacks which are said to contain images of more then 100 Hollywood celebrities have been released in two selective tranches by the leakers.  Assuming that the hackers do possess a large storage bin of these images, the hackers will release them someday.

But when is that day? A Paste on popular pasting site, Pastebin states that the next round of celebrity iCloud hacks will happen on 27th September 2014.  Considering the ease of pasting on Pastebin and notoriety of many a Pastes being found as false alarms, it is quite likely that this is perhaps a fake poster seeking some attention.  However on the other hand the Paste contains links of the sites which host almost all the Hollywood celebrity images leaked until not.  The Paste was made by one Mr.VampDuckula whose account on Pastebin started exactly 17 days ago, so the chances of this paste being right are pretty good.  The list of probable celebrities who may have been leaked is given below :

icloud hacks

Most of the images leaked by the iCloud hacks hackers are blurred and too grainy but still have managed to generated huge interest among the netizens and are currently trending the world over. However many of the users have retorted their disgust at the sharing of such images on popular social networking website Twitter

while some found it hilarious and wrote sarcastic posts

Yet thousands of other users are sharing the images without a drop sweat!

Who Could be the Next Victim ?

Emma Watson could be the next, a new website which has a timer set for next leak says, The Emma You Are Next.. site contains the 4Chan logo. however this could be a hoax. but you cant say whats coming.

Website claiming to have images of Emma watson

The hackers who leaked the images used 4Chan and Reddit to spread the images.  However due to strict copyright policies both sites took down the threads containing the images immediately after being notified about the copyright violation. However, a Redditor, PresidentDavidPalmer has created a discussion thread on Reddit giving blow by blow account of the leaks as they happen.  Since they do not contain any images, Reddit has been unable to remove this post which was started yesterday night EST.  The thread also gives a tutorial for noobs on how to download the entire album with BitTorrent Sync. Another site where the images were posted by the hackers, was Imagebeam.  However, Imagebeam also took down almost all the images as soon as it became known that they were part of the now famous ‘iCloud Hacks’ celebrities leak. The leakers claim that one of the image hosting site Imgrobot is still hosting the images though the link responds with a 404 Page Not Found error.

The links which are available are in violation of the federal law of United States of America and the downloading or sharing of the links may land you in trouble with the law enforcement agencies.   The main site hosting all the images under a single head is still up and running and has received 2,200,000 hits since yesterday.  The site also contains links of zipped folders purportedly containing the ‘iCloud Hacks’ images, on popular downloading sites like zippyshare and

Techworm requests its readers not to download and open or share such zipped files said to be containing the iCloud Hacks images as they may contain malware or trojans which may be harmful for your computers and may steal vital information via keylogger malware.  


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