FortiSandbox-VM Sandboxing app made available by Fortinet

Fortinet Makes Sandbox Available as Virtual Appliance – FortiSandbox-VM

Fortinet, a cyber security firm has announced that they were releasing their Virtual sandboxing solution, Fortisandbox-VM to all users.


A Sandbox is a developer term which stands for an environment that resembles a sandbox for kids. The kid, once placed inside a sandbox, can do whatever he wants with all toys that are already available. He cannot go out and is therefore secure inside.

A sandbox in computer terms works pretty much the same way. Once an application or a website is put inside a sandbox, it can only use resources available inside the sandbox environment. The application needs to inform the sandbox before beginning execution which resources it will need. Once the application is placed in the sandbox, it can run freely using these resources, within the sandbox without compromising the safety, integrity and the security of the whole system.

Why is this used ? To ensure an desktop application or a Mobile App/website doesn’t perform any action it is not supposed to. For example, if you have a doubt that a software may contain a malicious payload of  a virus, wor, malware or a trojan, you place it inside a sandbox. Once it is in it, if it turns out to be a malware, it can only affect the memory space inside the sandbox allocated to it while the rest of your system remains secure. Sandboxing such kind of application also certifies that it is indeed containing malicious payload.


The salient features of FortiSandbox-VM is that it ties up with the other products provided by Fortinet. The first product to leverage the new API is FortiMail, which is now be able to hold messages for sandbox inspection and then act on the discoveries made therein.

FortiSandbox-VM features a dual-level sandbox with inspection of all protocols and functions in one appliance. Additionally, threat intelligence, actionable insight and the ability to share information with FortiGuard Labs all combine to help users and big enterprises to reduce the risk of compromise and breach, Fortinet said in a statement.

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