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Ecuadorean President Correa’s computers hacked, blamed on US spy agencies.

Hackers targeted and hacked Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s computers and internet systems on 20th November.  Telesur, the official Ecuadorian press agency said that the attacks were carried out through out the day on 2oth November.  Meanwhile President Correa has alleged that American spy agencies are behind the attacks.

President Correa on Twitter

President Correa took to Twitter to vent his anger with a series of tweets blaming the US government for the hack attacks.

He accused the US of “systematic, high-tech” cyber-attacks on his private internet accounts and computers which according to him were was traced back to American servers.

Though President Correa gave very few details in the Twitter posts except the fact that they were systematic attacks with high technology and very huge resources, the Latin media was more forthcoming on this issue.  Telesur said that the attacks carried on throughout all of last Thursday, November 20, and that they are an American effort. Another paper which carries President weekly broadcast called Citizen Link no.399 stated,

“On Thursday, all day I received attacks… that come from abroad and trace back to a server in the United States, targeting my bills, trying to hack my information, turn on microphones, listen in on our conversations.”

According to the ANDES news agency, 99 percent of the Latin American state’s internal and external communication travels through computer infrastructure housed in the US. This concern was voiced by the country’s adviser to the Foreign Ministry at the Second Meeting on Comprehensive Security in the capital, Quito.

United States has so far not commented on the President Correa’s allegations.