Suspected WireLurker Creator and Distributer Arrested in China

The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau arrested three peoples suspected to be involved in WireLurker Malware Campaign.

The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in coordination with Cyber security company Qihoo 360 on November 13th arrested three individuals named Chen, Lee and Wang,  suspected of manufacturing and distributing the WireLurker malware .

“WireLurker” which infected iOS and Mac users using OS X application reportedly infected hundreds of thousands of Apple users. Later a older version of WireLurker was also discovered which used Windows Applications to spread into Apple devices, the threat becomes very real as  the Windows version was downloaded thousand times. The WireLurker malware has hogging headlines in the world for all the wrong reasons.

Why WireLurker is considered as a bigger threat?

The researchers who found this Malware said  “the discovery of WireLurker poses a new era of malware.”  The Malware collects and sends data from the infected device to its creator using the command & control server on Miyadi App stores. The data which the malware compromised, included the Phone book addresses, Numbers, Apple ID, UDID and data from the device storage, etc.

Arrest and Charges

The suspects were arrested on charges of writing and distributing the malicious program illegally for their personal benefits. Miyadi iOS App store which was used to distribute the Malware has also been shut down.

The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has not commented much on the Arrests but a small statement was released on weibo.

China which has been at the receiving end from all the cyber security enthusiast for all things going wrong in the west, especially United States may have redeemed some goodwill with this arrest, if at all the arrested men are indeed behind the dreaded WireLurker malware.


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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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