A Dubai man has lost over Dh20,000 after his bank account was hacked as many as 60 times in a matter of a week

Filipino Rosauro Agustin, 44, has claimed that he has lost most of his savings to fraud transactions in the last week. He lost over Dh20,000 after his bank account was hacked as many as 60 times in a matter of a week last month. As per account records, all that money was withdrawn from different ATM locations in Vietnam, a country which Filipino claims he has never even visited.

Fraud Victim

He came to know about the withdrawals when he tried to withdraw money himself. He got an error saying that there was a lack of funds in his account when he tried to make a withdrawal from an ATM. Assuming it to be a system error, he tried to withdraw money from five different ATMs. When the ATM after ATM gave him the same message repeatedly, he felt that something was wrong.

“I received no SMS for any of the 60 withdrawals of roughly $100 each. I had no inkling till I realised there was not enough money in my account,” says Agustin who is from Manila and has no connection to Vietnam.

He immediately went home to check the balance in his account. He froze when he realized what had happened.

“I rushed home to check my account online and froze after what I saw. My account was left with just Dh1,200. I instantly knew something was wrong as my salary had been credited only two days back and I had also saved up for Christmas,” says Agustin, who earns around Dh8,000 as an accountant in a Dubai-based logistics firm. “I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There were 60 transactions I had no idea of,” recalls the distraught man who has been living in Dubai with his family since 2006.

Following is a statement Filipino made to the press:

The bank said they would get back to me within three weeks but in reality I am yet to hear from them and it’s almost going to be a month. Our Christmas plans have been ruined for no fault of mine as I have had to borrow money from friends to survive these difficult days. All this has caused me and my family immense stress and I don’t know how long it will be before I get back my hard-earned money, if at all.”  XPRESS has a copy of Agustin’s bank statements that show these transactions were made in Vietnam, in places like Ho Chi Minh and Bình Phuoc province.

The bank has not given a statement till the time of writing of  this article.