4Chan DDoSed by Lizard Squad’s DDoS Rent-A-Tool Lizard Stresser

Lizard Squad’s rent-a-tool Lizard Stresser in action against 4Chan.

The infamous band of hackers, Lizard Squad, which brought down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live servers through Christmas with DDoS attack, are in the news again.  This time the target is 4Chan.org, the popular image boarding website and tool used is the DDoS on rent, Lizard Stresser.

4Chan has been brought down by Lizard Stresser through a DDoS attack and still offline. Tweets from Lizard Squad indicate that the someone has rented the Lizard Squad’s rent-a-tool for DDoS to attack 4Chan website.


Lizard Squad allegedly used a 1200 GB/s DDoS attack against PSN and XBL networks and is offering double the size of attacks on rent.  At present details are sketchy and it is not known who has rented the Lizard Stresser to bring down the 4Chan website.

Apparently Lizard Stresser was taken offline two days ago after somebody doxed the userids on the server. The website hosting Lizard Stresser now serves a different login page

Lizard Stresser for rent; Lizard Squads new DDoS business
Earlier Login Page
Lizard Stresser 3
New Login Page

The Lizard Stresser offers individuals a way to take down IP addresses without having to know anything about hacking or DDoS attacks and is available in multiple subscription packages which range from $5.99 / €4.93 for a 100-second attack to $129.99 / €107 for an eight and a half hour long denial of service incident. The Lizard Squad also offers lifetime packs, prices for which can go upto $500 / €411. The lifetime packs are valid for five years as per Lizard Stresser website.

4Chan renters seem to have opted for the 8 hours pack from the looks of it but there is no official confirmation from either the Lizard Squad or 4Chan regarding the attack except for the tweet above(now deleted*).

For the time being, the 4Chan website is inaccessible and will stay this way probably until the attack ends or 4Chan admin devise some method to manage to protect themselves against it. Considering that Lizard Squad brought down the networks of bigger and better Sony and Microsoft, 4Chan admin have a hard task cut out for them.

There is also a outside chance that the 4Chan may be really down for maintenance, but that is difficult to imagine as Lizard Squad are known to be vocal about their exploits. There were reports of 4Chan admins announcing a while ago that there will be some downtime due to server maintenance, so it might come back online very soon.

We will be updating the story as soon as we get any feedback/confirmation from either Lizard Squad or 4Chan.

Update : 4Chan is online now but some users are still not able to view it


Lizard Squad has also deleted the above tweet about renting the Lizard Stresser just moments ago and the 4Chan website home is still showing some broken images.

Update #2 : 4Chan.org is down again since past one hour or so.

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  1. 4chan is down for maintenance, it was announced before it went down. I seriously doubt a bunch of 12 years that found out how to ddos will have the balls to try and ddos 4chan.

  2. You do realize that 4chan had planned downtime for maintenance yesterday, right? Did you really make an article crediting some script kiddies for that? Hilarious.

      • Considering I cannot reply to your comment anymore, I’ll reply to my own again:

        Sir, It has not been “online and offline” today. It’s been functioning just fine. Your clickbait garbage article is full of misinformation and, I say this lightly, fear-mongering. This “Lizard Squad” group of children are, of course, trying to take credit for anything they can to gain notoriety and you are buying into it. Get a real job or at least learn to do the crap you do with some kind of effort. Thanks

  3. This is revenge for Moot being a tool/cunt for the SJW scum.
    Every time Moot spreads his ***** for the SJW ****, half chan will go down.


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