Australian hacker live streams his hacking exploits

Abdilo, Australia-based computer hacker, live streams attack on US education sites

Abdilo, the Australia based hacker who had hacked and stolen 770,000 records from Australian travel insurance company, Aussie Travel Cover, has now taken to live streaming of his hacking exploits.

Australian website, ABC, had revealed yesterday that Abdilo was responsible for what could be the largest breach of private details in Australian history.

Perhaps brazened by his hack exploits and publicity with Aussie Travel Cover hack, Abdilo was back to hacking and this time chose to focus his attention on education websites based in United States.  Abdilo chose to live stream his hacking activities for all those who are interested in his exploits by posting them on streaming website,

Australian hacker live streams his hacking exploits

He took down website of a US university based in Illinois through SQL injection attack and stole the database structure.  He then posted the database structure called email_list online. The email_list appears to contain message data and attachments.

Once Abdilo was done with his hacking, he signed off: “ended stream gotta go do shit now cya,” on his Twitter account. Before ending his hacking spree he seems to have hacked into at least 5 university websites.

Aussie Travel Cover

Abdilo had yesterday said that he stole more than 770,000 records when he broke into the computer systems of travel insurance company Aussie Travel Cover. ABC said that Abdilo stole customer details and insurance policy information of about 777,000 Aussie Travel Cover customers.  The stolen data base also included partially redacted credit card numbers, names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Abdilo then leaked some of the stolen data online and admitted to the ABC via internet chat that while he knew it was reckless, he was not worried about the police.

IntelCrawler, a private security research company said that Abdilo is  a teenager living in Queensland.

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  1. i think these “hackers” should be employed by major companies, to test and find any vulnerabilities in theyr security systems.Instead of chasing them down, putting them into jail, we could use theyr skills.Anyone agree?

    • offcourse what are u saying is right but these kind of hackers cannot be trusted anymore and there are doors for companies to enter through it my friend.

    • Brilliant idea, maybe we can hire people who shoot up shopping malls and use them to point out flaws in shopping mall security. Instead of chasing them down, putting them into jail, we could use their skills. Anyone agree?

      If hackers wanted to do that don’t you think they’d start their own businesses and offer their services to major companies. Moron!

  2. As a BlackHat doesn’t have a long future, but White Hat you can still doing what you love and earn some money and respect as a professional. …


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