Fox Host gets hacked live on TV; John McAfee gives a demo of what hackers can do

Stuart Varney asks for proof of hacking; John McAfee provides Live TV Demonstration

Computer security expert, maverick entrepreneur and owner of McAfee provide a live demonstration the TV host when asked about how hackers could have hacked Sony Pictures corporate network.

During a show called “Varney & Company” on Fox Business Network, host, Stuart Varney asked the guest on the show John McAfee to tell the views how the hackers were able to break into the Sony’s computer systems.  Varney got a hack lesson of his life!

The McAfee Inc. owner decided to give Varney first hand knowledge of hacking.  From a remote location, McAfee hacked into Varney’s phone via its voicemail, accessed the contacts and then faked a call from one of those contacts. When Varney’s phone rang, it appeared to be an incoming call from Fox News headquarters.

McAfee went on to explain how he hacked the phone and that is how Sony hackers got access to company’s computer systems.  He said that the hackers used low technology and social engineering to fool somebody in the the Sony top management to reveal the corporate username and password with access to all systems.

The self confessed eccentric, John McAfee founded the popular antivirus provider McAfee Associates in 1987. John resigned from the company in 1994 and it is currently owned by chip giant Intel.

View the video below to check how John hacked into Varney’s phone

Defcon has tweeted that John McAfee did not hack into Fox News but used a popular social engineering practice in that is known as Caller ID Spoofing.

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  1. Please check your facts before publishing. John McAfee is not an owner of McAfee Inc from several years. Check his profile on Google.

  2. Lol! They never hacked his phone, they googled the phone number for Fox News HQ and then spoofed the caller ID. Really? Is it not completely obvious? How many of you can access your contacts list from your voicemail? If anything- they could have taken one voicemail, listened to the contents and then socially engineered a response in conjunction with the spoofed ID. Who uses voicemail anymore anyways? Just disable that junk.


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