Hackers Affiliated to ISIS Putting Up Anti-Charlie Hebdo Messages on Hacked French Websites

A hacker group calling themselves L’APoca-Dz has been hacking French websites and posting anti Charlie Hebdo messages on the defaced pages.

Only two days have passed since the gruesome terrorist attack on French satirist magazine Charlie Hebdo’s office.  The attack which was carried out by two Islamist gunmen who massacred 12 people in cold blood, has left the French people stunned.  Known for their liberal values, the French people have taken this gruesome massacre as a attack on their freedom of speech and have been trending #JeSuisCharlie ever since the attack happened.

The hackers who seem affiliated with ISIS have taken down websites belonging to the French towns of Goussainville, Ezanville, Jouy-le-Moutier, Piscop, and Val D’Oise.  The defaced page was showing the “black flag of Jihad” that is synonymous with ISIS supporters and display messages saying “Death to France.”

The red banner within the defaced page reads “The Islamic Stay Stay Inchallah, Free Palestine, Death To France, Death To Charlie.”


The sites also feature the message “hacked by L’APoca-Dz”, along with a link to a Facebook page. Further research points the fact that the hacker(s) is/are a Algerian by origin and have been responsible for hacking number of Israeli websites and posting anti-semitic messages.

The websites have since been restored.


  1. The current anonymous action is laudable, however a number of issues jump to mind. For instance: the current #OpCharlieHebdo campaign… Why does it take worldwide media coverage and lost lives to incite the operation. I only ask because I was the person making a lot of noise about our responsibility to remove such profiles a few years ago on IRC. I stated we should be pursuing the profiles of both secular and religious terrorist groups, and their public Web pages, without bigotry towards any particular group. I personally do this in my spare time, since the recent takedown of many entry-level paedophilia darknet sites has limited my preferred targets somewhat. Incidentally, the best protected and most active (ie, new content, high profit margin) are still right there, it’s just more difficult to target individuals frequenting these sites (and the damn things change their URLs every week according to predefined schedules, a real PITA).

    What was the collective response to my suggestion we turn our eye to terrorism? Apparently I was begging moralfaggery. You know, a bigoted opinion based on my own moral code.

    Well to be honest I’ve always been a moralfag by that standard. But it’s better than being a mediawhore: Anonymous don’t give one steaming shit about the dead, injured or terrorised, despite their ranting. The “collective” decision to respond with #OpCharlieHebdo has nothing to do with humanity, just as the majority of previous actions have not. It’s all about the 5 minutes of fame. And all I can say is that the anonymous mediawhores are welcome to it. As an experienced consultant I can honestly say that the majority of Anonymous “hackers” have the skills of what we used to call “script kiddies”, and only desire media coverage so they can boast about their (shared) accomplishments to their IRL contemporaries.

    So congrats on taking on the terrorists “Anonymous”, but eat shit for being hypocritical mediawhores.


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