Notepad++ website hacked by pro Islamists for releasing special  Je suis Charlie edition

Hackers going by the handle of Fallaga Team have had hacked the Notepad++ organisation’s website for releasing a special Je Suis Charlie edition commemorating the brutal slaying of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo office in Paris recently.

The website was hacked by hackers named Màh Di & ROJO XI & MR.CHARFE of FALLAGA TEAM and they left a defaced page carrying following message :


Hi NOTEPAD++, Today is your turn.
So you are “CHARLIE” !
Because the last notepad++ version (6.7.4) named “JE SUIS CHARLIE” !
So you think that Islam is terrorist !
Will i’m here to show you who is the real terrorist ?

– Q : Who killed 1.5 Million people ?
+ A : France ^_^ !
– Q : Who Killed most of Iraq people ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !
– Q : Who Killed most of Afghanistan people ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !
– Q : Who is the reason for the status of Somalia ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !

Now take a look in the world what’s happening ?
1. Mali, Just 5 minutes of your life, open YouTube and write Mali .. Watch ! :/
2. Libya ?!!
3. Syria ?!!
4. IRAQ ?!!
The biggest case : PALESTINE

Israel, Of course, all of you have heard about what’s happening now there !
I’m going to let you make a search about it, (???????)
Look for it in Arabic because in English is your ideas -Fake ones-

Anyway, OUR Message is clear

The Notepad++ website was apparently hacked for publishing a special Je Suis Charlie edition on its website, the image of which is given below :

Notepad Plus Org hacked by pro-Islamist hackers for releasing special Je suis Charlie edition

The group which had hacked the Note Plus Plus website has a full fledged Facebook page called OpFrance and seems to have been launched with the sole purpose of hacking and defacing French websites.

Notepad++ website hacked by pro-Islamist hackers for releasing special Je suis Charlie edition

The defaced page can be seen on website here.


  1. Although these hackers have good reason to be very angry @ the “free world” for their governments’ hypocrital and all too ooften murderous but “inadvertent” warlike actions against innocents of the Islamic faith, murdering those who have done no physical or financial wrong by merely publishing comedic material about their religion does not give them the moral right or high road to do so. The free world “lampoons” every ideology and religion, and that includes those in the majority within their own countries.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, or so to say. But all that results is more and more people of other faiths and beliefs becoming increasingly convinced that most if not all Muslims would psychopatically kill w/o remorse, those that they consider “infidels” and whether or not they have done anything that their Quran considers evil.

  2. Cannot believe the website owner developer leaves this version for unsuspected loyal users. I will be removing and never using this editor again. It deletes files that were left open in the editor when it is opened first time after updated to this version. It also cannot read network drives. Who knows whatever else virus code it has installed on my machine. I am very upset.

  3. CHARLIE: you’re quite the noob! 😉 Nothing wrong with the editor. Just has a script that runs a time delayed set of characters that looks like someone’s typing…

    Freedom of expression is like the air we breathe, we don’t feel it, until people take it away from us.

    For this reason, Je suis Charlie, not because I endorse everything they published, but because I cherish the right to speak out freely without risk even when it offends others.
    And no, you cannot just take someone’s life for whatever he/she expressed.

    Hence this “Je suis Charlie” edition.
    – #JeSuisCharlie

    Damn Streight!

    DDL: Islam means “peace,” but yeah, sometimes I can’t tell. Have an ex that is Mohammad’s women. She was severely abused as a child. takes offense to everything. Jumps to lots of conclusions. Will never date another. Is sad really. That’s my experience. If the men are anything like her, we are all going to die lol.

  4. Look map a network drive to a local drive letter (This assumes you actually have a network and file server). Try to open a file on this drive letter. The drive will not show up in the open dialog. And you cannot type the drive letter in and access it directly. You can however access the share by its unc. Before you name call and try to degrade another person you better check out and know what you are talking about. Any person/company that allows their product to be hacked and function changed should lose their customer base IMO. They are not trust worthy. Who knows what else was changed. Good luck running hacked code on your computer and supporting a product like this.

  5. Oh and when it upgrades and you have any files open on a network share previously left open they do not open. Also any tabs open with stuff typed in not saved do open, but then downgrade and lose those too. Just a irresponsible product owner of what use to be a good editor turned to a untrustworthy product.


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