16 year old teen hacks Department of Educations websites and alters his grade

16 year old arrested for hacking into High School and Department of Education websites to alter his grades

State Island’s Eric Walstrom, who is New Dorp High School student, has been arrested for purposely hacking the school security software and DOE computers to alter his grades

Well, a 16 year old computer genius uses his knowledge to hack the security software of his school’s computer and also unlock the computers of DOE i.e Department of Education to change his school grades!!

Actually, this is what has happened at the New Dorp High School, Staten Island, N.Y., Eric Walstrom who is 16 year old student of New Dorp has been accused of hacking the school’s software security and cracking the DOE computer passwords to gain access to his school records on 24th Dec and 9th Feb.

Then he made changes by raising his own grades on the transcripts and the report card or this is what the school authorities claim and for the same reason Walstrom has been arrested. It seems that Walstrom had access to the data of all students however there are no signs of other student’s grades being altered.

Sean Morris who is classmate of Walstrom says, “Eric is a ‘super quiet’ person who keeps to himself and no one actually pays any attention to him”. Morris also informed the Post that both of them had attended the iD Programming Academy which give extensive advanced computer training of App Development, programming, coding and robotic engineering to teens with previous computer programming knowledge.

However Eric Walstrom seems to have used his knowledge for wrong purpose this is what his Morris has to say. Walstrom  succeeded in setting up a program through which he gained remote access to his school computer and the DOE computers with his smartphone. It was also confirmed that he made all these changes from his residence when a search warrant against Walstrom was accomplished on Feb 10. An IT worker at Dorp school actually found some external unauthorized logins in the school computer system and immediately informed police which exposed this hacking.

Multiple charges filed against Walstrom include unauthorized use of a computer, computer trespassing and tampering,  fraudulence and possessing devices which were used for illicit purposes. As per the court, Walstrom violated the federal and state privacy laws along with Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and the New York State Education Law hence he is being charged as an adult.

Walstrom stays with his mom, Theresa Fournier Walstrom. His father John Walstrom died in 2013 and he was active fire fighter to rescue the victims during the 9/11 incident. As of now Walstrom, his mom and their lawyer have not given any comments on the arrest.

Some officials say that Walstrom actually needs to use his skill for detecting the loopholes in the DOE and the school security software. May be in future his services can used by U.S. authorities for doing some better good civil society.

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