Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview may seem to be a good alternative for current Windows users, But in reality it aint so!!!

Microsoft seems to have decided not to release next major build of its Windows 10 desktop preview version next week but instead offering an update for the current Windows 10 Technical Preview 9926 version. It seems that Microsoft is running slow to push of it schedules or what tech world has expected of it.

Not to forget that Microsoft’s final Windows 10  build won’t be available to all users commercially, until this fall. Looking at the bleak scenario, users looking for Windows 10 final build are trying out the Windows 10 Technical Preview for free, but is it really a wise to do so?

Here are 5 top reasons why I think installing Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview is not a wise decision!

Windows 10 Technical Preview not the best Microsoft is going to give you in terms of software

Like all major companies, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview has been released to test the major things it lacks. Also it is a beta version, so it will have lots of vulnerabilities, bugs and flaws that would be fixed before the Windows 10 commercial release. What that means is, Microsoft needs as many users as possible to test Windows 10 Preview on their PC’s to help it check how it can improve the Windows 10.

More on this can be understood by reading the Windows insider program

2. Bugs , Bugs and More Bugs

Since you have chosen to test out the Windows 10 TP, you should be knowing that your PC will become more prone to bugs, vulnerabilities and crashes. Some users are even reporting BSODs.  What that means is your ‘Familiar PC’ may become very unfamiliar to you as  new and unexpected problems starting to kick in, which could be anything starting from PC getting slow to overheating, to a total performance downgrade.

3. Software Issues / Incompatibility 

One of the major reason why you should not opt for the Windows 10 TP version is that you may face various software incompatibility issue.

Think about it, you try to access a software and it goes dead with your freshly downloaded Windows 10 TP version. As said above, Windows 10 TP is a guinea pig of sorts and it may be some time before Microsoft’s engineers put all the drivers and software components for all Apps and accessories. Knowing that you are just a part of the great Microsoft Windows 10 TP lab program, it could a very bad idea, especially, if you run variety of softwares on your PC, even Microsoft warns you about that,

“Unexpected PC crashes could damage or even delete your files, so you should back up everything. Some printers and other hardware might not work, and some software might not install or work correctly, including antivirus or security programs. You might also have trouble connecting to home or corporate networks.”

4. If you are a privacy advocate or a privacy lover, you should be knowing that your Windows 10 TP version usage will be closely monitored by Microsoft.

Well, a technical preview version is always made to do so, monitoring every system it is on to gather useful information on how to improve itself. But there are side effects of it too. With new revelation coming every day on how tech companies are monitoring you and sharing those data with law agencies or ad networks, it may not be a wise decision to go for Windows 10 TP. For more information visit preview privacy statement from Microsoft which states,

“When you acquire, install and use the Programme software and services, Microsoft collects information about your use of the software and services as well as about the devices and networks on which they operate. Examples of data we may collect include your name, email address, preferences and interests; location, browsing, search and file history; phone call and SMS data; device configuration and sensor data; voice, text and writing input; and application usage.”

5. Reverting back is as usual, slow and boring process of reinstalling your old version of Windows

In case you get dissatisfied by the Windows 10 TP version and is thinking of rolling back to your old version of Windows, you will have to go through the process of reinstalling your old version through recovery disc or USB recovery drive.

While these are only very few reasons why choosing the Windows 10 TP version is not a wise decision, you should also keep it in mind that Microsoft is not giving all the features which it announced will be coming with Windows 10 and for that you will have to wait for the final version.

The user experience or System performance will be different from a user to another depending upon his hardware and software/ driver uses. So if the Windows 10 TP performs well for your friend, it does not necessarily mean that you will get the same experience on your PC.

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  1. If you didnt already know these things you shouldnt have installed this in the first place. That said I really dont understand the point of this article !


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