Developer curses at a man using ‘F word’ on subway, only to find he is his job interviewer

Ironies of life : Wannabe Python developer gets into a bit of situation when the man interviewing him for a Job is the one he shoved and used cuss words against, in the London subway

We report news about security and technology but sometimes life throws up strange stories that we feel it obliged to bring it to the notice of our readers. One of such stories happened with a wannabe Python developer who was searching for a job.

A Python developer got on the London subway train last Monday and was not in a particularly good mood for the morning pleasantries or hi hellos. The London subway rush had also got to him so when a man stood in his way, he shoved that person off and to show his annoyance he showered him with choicest cuss words likeĀ “Go f*** yourself.” The man sauntered off and the Python developer thought the issue was best forgotten.

But as we said above, life is full of ironies and Karma is a B**** which comes back to haunt you. The same happened with our Python developer later in the afternoon, when he had to face a interview for a job, which he very much needed.

He walked into the interviewers chamber and within seconds, began to remember the lord and curse himself.

The man interviewing him turned out to be the very man he had shoved off and told to ‘F*** off in the morning on the subway.

Being a software guy, our Python developer tried to rework the situation like he does with codes but as we said Karma is a B****.

The interviewer was Matt Buckland of Forward Partners and he made a post of it on Twitter which went viral

Buckland is the head of talent and recruiting for Forward Partners which is a venture capital company. This is a VC company that offers money to fledgling start-ups.

On seeing the man who shoved him in the morning in the opposite seat asking for a job, “It was totally awkward,” Buckland later toldĀ BBC.

How did the interview go? Our Python developer lost his job opportunity and Buckland laughed it off. He admitted to BBC, “I approached it by asking him if he’d had a good commute that morning. We laughed it off and in a very British way I somehow ended up apologizing.”

Its an unfair world out there and we should remember the golden principle of life, what you sow, you shall reap. Hope our Python developer has learnt an important lesson, and by the way, the position at Forward Partners is still open.

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