Now Time Warner Cable takes example of Comcast and calls customer a “Cu*t”

Now Time Warner Cable (TWC) is following Comcast’s example of calling customers insulting names.

Esperanza Martinez, of Orange County, California, a customer of Time Warner Cable (TWC) is now being referred to as Cu*t Martinez.

This is happening at a time when Comcast, announced that it plans to buy Time Warner Cable in a $45.2 billion merger both with the worst customer service ratings in the American Customer Satisfaction index.

Now Time Warner Cable takes example of Comcast and calls customer a “Cu*t”


Time Warner Cable admitted its mistake giving a statement

We are truly sorry for the disgraceful treatment of Ms. Martinez and have reached out to her to apologize directly, Our investigation showed that this was done by an employee at a third-party vendor. We have terminated our agreement with this vendor and are changing our processes to prevent this from happening again.”

Esperanza Martinez got an apology and a free year of service.

Even Comcast has had to publicly apologize for numerous cases in which it called their customers insulting names like “Asshole,” as a result of the mishap, Comcast waived a cancellation fee and issued a refund for two years for service. Comcast also fired the employee involved and said it would improve training of customer service employees and work on a technical solution to prevent inappropriate customer name changes.


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