Pop Singer Lily Allen gets hate message on her smartphone from Pro-ISIS hackers who hacked Taylor Swift’s Twitter

Pro ISIS hackers send violent text message to Pop Singer Lily Allen

English Pop singer Lily Allen was targeted by a person claiming to be associated with ISIS on Friday, who, through a series of text messages, threatened to both r*** and behead her.

“Alright U don’t understand I’m actually a terrorist from ISIS U dumb b–ch enjoy everything u get,” said the text message sent by an unidentified person to the singer’s smartphone. “I’ma hack u and kidnap u then rape ur gaping body then I’ma behead u and f–k the hole in ur neck u dumb skunk.”

Lily Allen, is an English singer, songwriter, actress, and television presenter. She started her public singing life in 2005 with BBC Radio 1.  Her first mainstream single, “Smile”, reached number one on the UK Singles Chart in July 2006.  She has her own talk-show, Lily Allen and Friends, on BBC Three.

Allen thinks that the unknown person who sent her the message got her mobile number from the Taylor Swift hack attack which happened in late January 2015.

Apparently Allen didn’t seem to be intimidated by the messages, rather she took the hate message very cooly, as she shared a screenshot of them to her Instagram page Friday night, along with the caption, “Cool message from some kid that got my number from hacking Taylor Swift’s Twitter.


The Taylor Swift hack attack which was perpetrated by pro-ISIS hackers and the infamous band of hackers, Lizard Squad who had also hacked the US military Twitter account @Centcom, is being investigated by FBI.  Lizard Squad is in news quite frequently nowadays with the most recent hack attack on Newsweek’s Twitter feed which is also indirectly tied to them.  They enter the infamous band of hackers gallery with the DDoS attacks on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers during the Christmas holiday’s spoiling the Noel for many gamers.

The hackers apparently had control of the DMs Taylor Swift sent to her friends and looks like they got Lily Allen’s number from them.

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